275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

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I'd just try closing it down completely and relaunching it.
Hey Blizz. Just letting you know you forgot to send me my invite. Thanks!
my eye's are bleeding
there must be some mistake, where is my invite?
Thanks for the invite!!! GL to everyone!
let me in plz blizzard i havnt got any betas ever from you guys :(
How come I can't post on my other account because my account is frozen? Does that mean I don't get opted-in for the beta either?
i feel like they are racial profiling
all keys sent out?
*sigh* too much work for beta invite, just give it to me...
I got an invite! So excited to install and play!


I've been trolling these forums since they opened, hoping for my Beta key some day.

And now I have it. A month before release.

Better late than never, I'm gonna go lose a month somewhere.
Does this round only for NA? or other region also have a chance?
Hope its all i have left.
give me beta me love you long time
Does anyone know if all 275,000 Beta keys are going to be given out today or in the course of a couple of days?Dafuq blizz? You forgot to give me a Beta Key! :(
I'm able to post with D3BETA as my avatar but I can't post in the beta forum or log into the beta.
I also don't see it in my games page.

Actually got an invite...

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