275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

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I'm seriously starting to think like all betas... I'm going to be opted in at the last unforgiving second or I'm going to have the very last batch of WoW Panda Beta invites. I have two friends who just started playing blizz games get beta invites before me and ones who just got a computer from his parents. Kind of annoying when I've been a fan since D1 while I was playing Duke Nukem, Quake and Doom back in the day. Seriously this is getting kind of annoying. I bet a quarter of the people that have been invited didn't even play D1 or D2 and get the chance now. My WoW char is one of the originals from Argent Dawn. Come on show me some love here!
awesome 275k more and still missed out...
My beta key.. I wants its!! MY PRECIOUSSSS!!


They stoles it from uss!!!!
Is their any hope now?
sweet wish i get in the beta
are the suvers up
is this actually worldwide? anyone in the uk with an invite?
got mine in Aus
I live in Aus and got one. so that means worldwide I believe
04/12/2012 08:30 PMPosted by Wermacht
I bet a quarter of the people that have been invited didn't even play D1 or D2 and get the chance now.

This is actually a good thing. People who played D1 and D2 are already familiar with ARPGs, already know what they're doing, and are more likely to cruise through the game.

Those that haven't played D1 or D2, and/or are new to ARPGs, may end up getting stuck on simple things, and thus give the devs very useful info. For example, you know to check for new skills every time you level. Someone new to the game doesn't, and this will let the dev's know to add a flashing indicator directing them to the skill menu, and then to whichever skill area has a new skill or rune unlocked. Likewise, new players may completely miss the environmental "traps" and triggers, indicating that they need to be more visually distinctive.
Still no beta here...luck is not with me for this beta.
cool hopefully I get one :) had my name down for beta for like a year I think!
I would love an Invite to Beta. Grats to all who get this fantastic opportunity.
grats to everyone that chold play it and no get an error when you hit play
does it just come up on the first page in account when your invited?

About time god i hope i get it!! i already paid 180 for the 1 year of wow, and paid 200 for the collectors edition and CE strag guide !!

yes i suck at math
missed out again sigh
I was a "lucky one" who got a Beta Invite to D3 this evening. Honestly, I'm not pumped at all, I wish I could trade it in for a MOP beta pass. I have never played a Diablo game, and I only opted in for Pandaria. I have been playing since '07 and got AP months ago, but still not mythical beta invite. The Diablo 3 invite did not cure my longing for MOP. I'm a sad panda.

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