275,000 Diablo III Beta Invites

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04/12/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Wizzkik
[quote="44271266663"][quote]I was a "lucky one" who got a Beta Invite to D3 this evening. Honestly, I'm not pumped at all, I wish I could trade it in for a MOP beta pass. I have never played a Diablo game, and I only opted in for Pandaria. I have been playing since '07 and got AP months ago, but still not mythical beta invite. The Diablo 3 invite did not cure my longing for MOP. I'm a sad panda.

Maybe you are the target audience, perhaps you might be interested after you play the beta.
Maybe not, but its worth a shot.
are they still sending them? when are they gonna be done? if i dont get one today does that meen i dont get a beta key ever?
i know how alot of you feel i been playing wow since launch of vanilla. i also opted in for D3 soon as it was available and i am still waiting to get into beta. if i dont only a little over a month to go before release. already got my copy paid in full so i'll wait patiently for it if i dont even get into a beta.

good luck to everyone who is still waiting to beta test and hopefully you'll get in if not the game is still right around the corner.
would be great to test this beta before lunch anyway... gimme one pls!
Id love to join the beta. been waiting for years now :(
After all the years of shelling out money for every game blizz has and even going to blizzcon this year, I have never wanted a beta access more then for d3.but of course I can't have it.i have waited patiently through all the beta giveaways and said nothing but now I am pissed.this is absolutely unacceptable in my book to give this many out and still hold others from it.it makes ME and many others feel abandon from all this excitement.sorry for the rant but it's how I feel and I think others do the same.
I didnt get 1 :(
slickkiller suffer dude blizzard doesnt care about sob stories lol.
I hope I'm lucky enough to get one!
Vega- yeah I know, I'm a desperate man :)
I Wish that il get one was so happy when i saw that post !!
Oh yea No MoP YET for me but i got this one not too bad can't wait to test it downloading now, Thanks blizzard :)
are people still getting them now?
I'd like a crack at it as well ~
Come on...!!!!
I would very much like one. They chances that I actually get one are very slim though. Still, I can hope.
were more beta keys given out after the initial wave? Also anyone from canada get one? Guys answer if you know!!

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