Secondary effects on elemental weapon damage

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Please consider giving the other elements a secondary effect. As it is right now, elemental damage doesn't differ much from from regular damage other than giving your weapon a slight glow. Cold damage is obviously the best of these due to the small slow it gives.

Here are some examples that could be added to the different elements.

Fire - dot based on a % of the fire damage it adds.
Poison - Healing and regeneration reduced by x% for x seconds.
Lightning - Elemental damage only jumps to x targets.
Arcane - Increase damage taken by the target by x% of the arcane damage.
Holy - Decrease targets damage taken by x% of the holy damage.

Not saying these are the best examples, but it would be nice to see some utility or extra damage with your preferred element of choice. Right now cold is pretty much superior to all the other types, and instead of seeing it nerfed I would rather see the other elements brought in line, giving the players choice and customization.

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