Sacrifice Centered Build

Witch Doctor
Here is a build idea centered around sacrifice.!dag!cacZZY

There are plenty of procs to spawn more dogs, but the cooldown for zombie dogs and mass confusion may not make this build workable for high levels.

I am using leeching beasts rune for the dogs to increase dog survival.

Grasp of the dead is for CC and to bunch up critters to blow up more at a time.

I think it can be tweaked in the primary skill. Maybe Firebats or Acid Cloud. I chose firebomb w/ghost bomb for spamming AoE damage.

Using soul harvest to boost sacrifice damage would help. But I see many drawbacks for this build.
I think Fierce loyalty should be replaced by Fetish Sycophants. Feels backwards buffing them and then blowing them up.

Also Mass confusion, it doesn't confuse every enemy, you get about half of the targets, and then its a one time deal. Boogie Man lasts almost twice as long and it effects any enemy within the radius. Of course the only downside is the cooldown.

Playing around with the skill calc, this is what I came up with!eah!caZcZc

Fetish Sycophants could be replaced with Zombie handler but I think hex adds to the aoe very nicely, boosting damage vs the hexed targets and with the explosion and adds CC. With Tribal rites more hexes and more boogie man. Might not be your style though

And unless you utilize the gold find range, Circle of life radius might be to small

Another sac build, leaning towards more fetishes :D!eah!caZcZc
now that's what I call a sac'd lunch
Sacrifice built upon Circle of Life, Tribal Rites and Vision Quest!aUh!YYaZZc

Use dogs specifically as AoE nukes with increased chance for health globes
High uptime on Vision quest to spam Zombie Charger Explosive Beasts to go with the them of exploding dawgs :) But free to replace with any high mana nuke, probably better with something like Locust Swarm or Firebats to maintain fairly close proximity to take advantage of Circle of Life.An alternative to this is!aTh!YYaZZc

Close range WD, taking advantage of both Circle of Life and Grave Injustice. 15% chance to confuse mobs with Addling Toads
These builds will not summon dogs often enough. You need to have grave injustice for any sort of sacrifice build.
I am think that I read in a blue note somewhere that only summoned dogs may be sacrificed. Personally, I didn't find the cool down an issue. I am pretty sure it starts after you summon, not when then die.
No, you can sacrifice any dog not just summoned ones, I've checked it in the beta.
The problem with grave injustice is that it has a diminishing effectiveness as the game gets harder. Example: in hell say you can kill 30 mobs in 30 seconds cutting your cool down on your dogs to 30 seconds but in inferno say you can only kill 10 mobs in 30 seconds thus making grave injustice not very effective. I can see grave injustice being a great passive once you have geared up and can kill effectively.

I am also looking forward to a Sacrifice centered build. On paper this is the build I plan to try out,!Yda!cYZZaY

I also liked the builds vaaz linked.
Here's my version:!adT!ccZZca

Circle of Life and Grave Injustice both use gold pickup radius. They also both expect you to be up next to enemies, so combine with Rain of Corpses and Dead Rush, which damage nearby enemies *and* benefit from the cooldown reduction.

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