Diablo 3 Open Beta On My Channel! Every Hour!

Lore and Story
Hello loreseekers and demon slayers!

I run a pending partnered/rising gaming channel on YouTube called The Awesome Incarnate. I was recently thrust into the spotlight having been credited as one of the first people to cover Mass Effect 3 in it's entirety - single-handedly acquiring a quarter-million views in just a matter of two days!

But how did I do it? Easy. Having the best upload rate money can buy! And guess what? I'm doing it AGAIN with Diablo 3!

I intend to start uploading full-length HD videos every hour on the hour of my play through as the Demon Hunter in Diablo 3's Open Beta! You'd think I was live streaming, that's how good my workflow is! So feel free to join me on my next big adventure, I'll see you all at 3:00p EST! Be THERE! (below)

The Awesome Incarnate:


Diablo 3 Open Beta Promo Video:


Diablo 3 Playlist:


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