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Retrying never worked for me since i couldn t even get past login. EVERY time ans error 37 was the Server cap .3007 was me never receiving any info from the Server after any attempp to login... Ans i tried rly often
Hey I just got the WOW Annual pass can i download D3 yet
I was able to play D3 just fine over the weekend and played my monk quite a bit yesterday but today I just get a error 12, changed pw but still getting the error.
Changed my battlenet password still can't log in D:

Edit: Just changed my battletag as well, still can't log in.

Error: "This Battlenet account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it (error 12).

I've spent about 15 hours on the beta so far this weekend - was looking forward to continuing the "stress test" - but now it seems the shoe is on the other foot :P

Seriously though, a solution would be wonderful, the blue post at the begginging of the thread simply doesn't offer a fix to the problem.
last update caused an issue for me, there is one file that is coming through and corupting the files during the installing phase of the update. now the only way ive been able to fix this thus far on two different computers, one running visa and the other is running windows 7 is to make sure to do a browser clean up including the removal of any downloads, run a uninstall of diablo beta (i asusme if the problem presists in the full game client the fix will be the same) then go into the program files and be sure to delete the Diablo III Beta file then run the download of the client again. if these steps are not all completed everytime i try to reinstall the client i kept freezing during the client setup or unable to inialize during the installation phase.
Open Beta (this weekend) is over, it is closed to closed beta again so if you do not have CB access or active invite you will have to wait until May 15th like the rest of us ^^
Open beta is over! Thanks to everyone that participated, see you in-game on May 15.

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