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MKill - cheers.. i didn't think it would allow me to paste... still.. that's more than just clicking login... lol
In Blizzard I believe!!!
I was able to get in but couldn't get pass the authenticator. I agree with others, go see a movie and then come back and try it!
04/20/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Quazar
I read that the Error 12 is from having an old BattleTag. I went into and used the change function they allowed to create a new tag. After multiple attempts at logging in with the new account details I was successful. I am logged in and character created!

Yes, but were you able to start a game, or did you geth the "Level 0 Unknown" bug?
Comon blizz you can do it!!! Giving some motivation ;)
Haha, I last logged in 2 hours ago, there were 50,000 people in beta public games and climbing. That's just PUBLIC games. GOD
jumping out the window if error 37 pop up again
04/20/2012 02:30 PMPosted by BoMBeK
jumping out the window if error 37 pop up again

Don't forget your Parachute Cloak.
I'm seeing error 12 -- but I have all weekend so it's not a massive issue right now, just please have it fixed within the next 12 hrs :D
Will anyone else be able to get in?
04/20/2012 02:32 PMPosted by Brawndo
Will anyone else be able to get in?

They are getting somewhere, for the last 2 hours my SC2 license went M.I.A and only had my frozen WoW account.
Error 37 :( i have the worst luck ever
someone gtfo so i can get in ... please! lol
I get error 12 and im from canada not !@#$ing korea. I got my account hacked in once from someone near korea
dude mine did too i was like wtf where is my little char thing and it would take forever just to get to bnet site?? weird...
That's exactly what I am wondering myself, I'm sure they share the same problem but I think it's only a matter of time until blizz gets those servers back up and fixes the bugs just as they did for logging in.

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