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Is there a way to hide or disable your minimap? if so how.. Reason: Too make the game more exciting, more memory of where you have already been and add another challenge instead of easily looking up to know your location exploration and more focus on the atmosphere to make a better playing experience.
I would like this feature also. On 4:3 aspect ratio the minimap takes up too much screen space.
well...the maps are randomized everytime you load up your game so..
Yeah staab, i understand that, but it'd make for a new way to find out each time without the extra help.
If I had to ask for one feature/function in the game that wasn't there already and I was guaranteed to get it, this would be the one I would ask for.

Just a simple button to minimize that map or get rid of it entirely, where's the mystery in exploring, uncovering areas etc...if the damn thing is displayed on your screen.

Sure I know you have your arguments why it should be there. That's fine. But how is an *option* to turn it off if you don't like it hurting you in any way?
this isn't a bad idea for the sake of opening up just another few inches of your screen to the world. what about removing the entire ui? its not hard to remember what you have on rm, lm, 1, 2, 3, 4... i'd like to have my entire screen filled with world, and smoldering corpses.
I'd like to have a zoom in/out on the minimap. Zoom out enough to be almost small as the 'tab' map.

And add an option to make the normal map half transparent, like D2.
04/20/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Polaris
I would like this feature also. On 4:3 aspect ratio the minimap takes up too much screen space.

highly doubt it since its been repeatedly ask during beta and they still haven't given us the option to hide it or even reduce the size. They seem very determined in holding your hands as you play this game.
I liked the idea when I heard there will be a minimap in D3, so I wouldn't have to play with the whole map constantly on (or toggle it frequently).
But I don't like how it turned out, the area it covers is too small, and I pretty much never look at it... I just keep hitting tab, just like I do in D2 ><.
Might as well give us a toggle to disable it, but zooming it out a good bit would be much better.
i don't know if i would like this. For me, not being able to see more than your computer screen would kind of feel claustrophobic

Edit: Did I spell that word right?
yes agreed

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