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Hey all, I have been reading quite a bit on the forums lately and somewhat devised a theory of what may happen with leah and deckard in D3. I have heard many theories on the two already and from them I have generated my own. I want to preface this by saying I am no expert on lore i just think this outcome would be quite bad !@#.

Deckard Cain: I have been hearing many things about Cain potentially dying and him sort of "passing the torch to Leah" as teh last horadrim. From what I see, most people believe Cain's death is iminent :(.

Leah: Leah seems to be tricky in how people are guessing her involvement. I feel the community is split between her being Diablo's "vessel" due to the fact she is the daughter of adria and king leoric's son, Aidan, i believe. The other half believes she will take Cain's role after his death.

Prime Evils: One of the most intriguing theories I have read recently is the possibility the 3 prime evils potentially merging to create one super demon. I feel this would be the most badass bad guy since Sepiroth.

Possible Lore: I think the most bad $%^ lore that can be implemented would be the following. Cain expects Leah to be his succesor and take his role as the last horadrim and overall know-it-all. However, I would love to see Leah fall short, in a sense. If Diablo has been apparent in Leah since her birth, and the prime evils have merged, maybe in a distant universe far far away, Leah can be the villian. I would love for Leah to just totally go bananas and transform into this super demon comprised of the prime evils. After seeing this, I would hope Cain realizes it is time to intervene.

Similar to Yoda in star wars, frail aged body yet able to do some serious fighting, I would love to see Cain go "Super Saiyan" Deckard and "Spirit Bomb" the -*!@ outta "Leah The Prime Evil". I heard during the panels that escort type quests will be possible in D3. How about a bad #$% escort mission with Cain to the depths of hell to engage Leah and her demons.

Now I am not suggesting Cain will solo the boss, that is less then likely considering not even Tyrael couldn't handle Baal and Diablo at the same time, but kind of fight alongside your hero. I think blizzard should show us some of Cain's awesomeness before killing him off.

I want to reiterate I am no expert on lore and this maybe have been posted already. I would appreciate feedback onto my theory and potential ideas for others. Happy Slaying!
Oh abo@!!#ely, I am not trying to express that is what I think will happen I am just saying what i think would be a stellar ending.

How about this: Leah, with all three demons inside her, is the last boss. For the fight you see the prime evils emerge and what not. Epicness is when tyrael and cain come to your aid for the battle. Have in the background Cain fighting mephisto and tyrael fighting baal. This would be an awesome way to still keep the other two prime evils in the story.

Of course your hero will not be able to attack the other two prime evils but just be visable on your screen. After the dust settles on the battlefield, Leah is purged of the demons and cain unfortunately dies in the action. However, the three prime evils are slain and Leah is ready to take her position as the last living horadrim.

Please everyone throw up your ideas for your own creative ways of ending the game. I would love to see input from seasoned Diablo vets along with newcomers. Happy Slaying!

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