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For anyone that has downloaded the client and has tried to login (I know that you can't before 12 PM PST), are you getting error 3005? I've looked around to see how I can circumvent this problem, and have found that it may be related to a firewall issue on my end. I've completely disabled my firewall and don't have any third party programs and I am still getting the error. I know there is a pretty comprehensive thread on this issue that provides instructions in a step-by-step fashion, but even after following the steps it still doesn't work. I'm not sure if this is because it's just before 12 PST, or if I am really having firewall issues on my end. Is anyone else experiencing this?
Thank god I'm going to sleep. I don't have to read the bagillion 3005 error threads.
I have the same issue also. It's because the game is not live until 12 PST, so no worries.
There is already a thread in the correct location it should be in! The "Technical Support" area...

Check here

04/20/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Harieeb
I have the same issue also. It's because the game is not live until 12 PST, so no worries.

If this is true, then it is the most useful reply for this thread. For everyone else (besides Magister), you need to learn how to read a little bit more carefully. If you had pointed me to other threads on the topic, such as this one:, it wouldn't have been helpful. I see now that many other threads have been popping up within the last hour, and have sufficiently answered my question. Thanks.
i am a regular beta tester and also get this 3005 error message
04/20/2012 10:08 AMPosted by th3o
i am a regular beta tester and also get this 3005 error message

I'm too, and also get the 3005 error,
This might mean something

Amazing what a simple search will get you.
Man, I just ate breakfast and I'm hungry again. I don't know if I can wait the two hours until lunch time here in California.
Fix this Blizzard. I got booted from my own game i don't know why, and then i tried to log back in and it said error 3005. I tried to log in again, and it says error 37. My friend says that my character is online but I can't log in. Fix this now, you're wasting too much of everyones time.
I am getting this error today, please help.
I'm getting error 3005 now for the last 5 days and afterwards it writes to me that I also got the error 3007.. I tried commit at ticket for blizzard, technical issue but they just replied : that they don't take tickets of that kind of problem at the moment" WTF???
... I,m from Bulgaria,i lost my HC champ 60 lvl, 80+ hours playing for nothing,because of this error, and i just cant understand what does it mean - error 3005 and 3007.If i die from my own playing it's OK , but if i spend my time for nothing... I,m really disappointed ... I don't know ,how i can communicate with someone blizzard administrator for my problem . PLEASE HELP!
wow the dates are varied in here! i love necros btw.

destructive, try submitting a ticket. at the top right of the very page you are viewing this on, there is a button labeled "support"

yours may be different no idea what language you are in. any ways, click it, move on to your tickets, and make a ticket with the info you provided. a blizz rep will contact you via email to help resolve the issue.

best of luck, hope you get it resolved soon.. if i wasnt clear enough, you need more help submitting a ticket, respond here or make a thread called "how do i submit a ticket." guaranteed to help you either way.

and if you do not know all realms should currently be down for maintenance. if i got trolled, i deserved it ill admit.
Ty AtoN , i submit a ticket ,and now i,m just waiting...
Here is the whole story :
While i was playing(10+AM) with my HC champ(DH-"Punda"-80+hours playing), i was running in act 1 - Inferno-Old ruins-Old Tristram road-Dank Cellar-Sarkoth monster and
i receive a massage "You have been removed from the game",than errors 3005 and 3007,than i try to Resume the game ,but the client was not responding .(I know my connection was fine , and this is not first time when i get this errors ...)After i restart the client and log again , my champ was Dead. :(
I'm sick,and feel tired this game non stop errors,3005,31062 and I can not bid over 2BILLIONS i cant play TNX BLIZZARAD.........DELL? MMM

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