Act 1 Completion.. (Spoilers possible)

Lore and Story
So, just got to level 10, defeated the Skelly King.... Is that all of Act 1? IMO, it just seemed really... short. Diablo 2's felt Much longer than this, so it's kind of odd. I know it's just a beta, but I thought it was doing all of act 1, which is why I ask.
It's either 1/3 or 1/4 of Act1 from what I heard.
its 1/3 of the first act. a SMALL fraction of the game
I was wondering the same thing when I finished it. When I killed the last boss of the beta I was thinking that relative to D2 it only seemed to be between the freeing Cain and that pseudo butcher you killed in 2 and snagged the hammer from for that girl (it's been a while since I played 2 so I forget names)

Not to mention after playing D2 for a long time, I'm still prepping myself for hot keying antidote potions for the end of act 1 out of a force of habit.
yea relax ppl there will b more in act 1

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