frenzy feels sooooooooo OP

I just saw a thread about frenzy weak which makes me laugh.
I dual wield two daggers one is 10.8 dps with +.16 aps, one is 11.8 dps with +.18 aps, and I have two +5% aps 2-3 dmg rings, +5% aps gloves. my overal aps is 2.39, if at 5 stacks my frenzy aps is 3.77!
It just feels amazing to hit almost 4 times per second! just imagine later on with smite rune it has a chance to stun 1.5 sec for 20% chance...
Frenzy isn't weak by any means, but it certainly doesn't feel as good as it did in D2.

At least at lower levels, it takes to long to get the buffs stacked for average playing. This is problematic/annoying considering how often it drops.

Obviously against big powerful units or bosses it feels fine, but needing to swap to it on bosses, or wanting to swap it off when you are not fighting them is a pita. Especially when you factor in the inferno buff and swapping spells.
I will definitely be using it with the stun rune. It will be awesome for boss fights/PvP to be able to stunlock
I do not feel frenzy is op. With cleave hitting multiple targets and bash+rune generating 12 fury, the only reason I would use frenzy is for the 15% movement speed increase rune.
I anticipate frenzy's relative power to be compartmentalized within the blanket statemen below.

Frenzy with 2 fast daggers = ownage
Abilities with 2 daggers = the suck

Frenzy with 2 handers = the suck
Abilities with 2 handers = ownage

No way to know yet, but this lends itself to interesting mechanics such as weapon switching etc.
People need to understand that frenzy isn't supposed to be the "generic single target DPS" skill, bash is. Frenzy is more about maximizing aps to pull of the most crits, on-hit special effects, and other things that are not damage.

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