Diablo III Class Short Stories- Updated

Lore and Story
Please read the Monk's short story in full. It will explain in clarity why the quote is stated as such. I don't want to spoil the story here, so I don't want to explain the details here. It is not Blizzard's quote, but a secondary character's one.

Demon Hunter Story Continuity:
Page 10:
Valla arrives in the caves, as she fights she switches to her daggers for both hands. When she begins chasing the blond child however, she "switche[s] once more to crossbows, round[s] the bend" and after being pulled off her feet by a tentacle "One of her daggers [falls] from [Valla's] cold fingers." She then slashes at the beast with her remaining dagger.

Methinks the line about Valla switching once more to her crossbows should be edited out.
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Who's the voice actor for the class preview videos?

He sounds like the love child borne from the loins of Barak Obama and Morgan Freeman.
I'm wondering if you guys have any plan for Diablo 3 commercial or TV Spot like before Starcraft 2 Launch?
04/24/2012 12:51 PMPosted by FreeLoser
"When the ill wind blows, the tree that bends will break."

lol , that's a wrong quote , ''Trees that don't bend with the wind, won't last the storm'' this is the right one lol

If a tree never bends at all, how does it break. As in, there would be no strain (mechanical engineering type strain) in the tree. It would be like a rock. You do not see wind breaking rocks (very often).

On the other hand, I agree. It seems to be an odd choice for the metaphor and may be incorrect due to events that play out later in the story.
04/24/2012 01:34 PMPosted by Nethaera

lol , that's a wrong quote , ''Trees that don't bend with the wind, won't last the storm'' this is the right one lol

It's the wrong quote from a fictional story? I could ask the author if they were inspired by the "original" quote, but given that this is a work of fiction, I believe they are permitted to shape it however serves their purpose.

Title of the short story "Unyielding". Bending is yielding.
Trees the don't bend with the wind, don't last the storm..right.

Now give them ill winds. You don't want to bend with those, otherwise you fall into their trap. You want to be the opposite of bend, become the mountain, become the strength...and never bow to evil.

The author basically wanted the opposite of the original, I believe on purpose.
Are these the backstories to the character classes or are they just stories about people who wre the same as the classes? Also in the witch doctor story is the "heretic" the witchdoctor class we play?
It sounds that way. In every story except the DH, the hero of that class that goes to Tristram isn't the one in the story. It is undisclosed in the Barb story, another Monk in the order, and the heretic for the WD.

Only the DH is the one actually going to Tristram. Classism!
If I were to write a story and say when the "going gets rough, the rough get owned." would that make u raise an eyebrow?
Re: the monk story.... That's the point of the misquote. The tree that DOESN'T bend will break

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