More Lag Recently?

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I havent had an issue previously with D3 - like it seemed to play as per a normal game on my computer, but the last few days , its become unplayable in single player mode. I notice my ping is hovering between 400 -> 450 but its soo hard to play as its just not responsive and there are delays and its soo frustrating that i just cant play it.

Has anyone else noticed a change regarding this? I've made sure my wireless is disabled (to make sure no ones syphoning my net) and also ensured i'm not downloading anything but the ping is still around the 400->450.

I'm going to be annoyed if i have to subscribe to wow tunnels to get D3 playable :)
Where are you?
I'm in auckland, NZ and I've only seen my ms increase by 20 (from 180). And thats not all the time, and not even during the open beta (which was last weekend in case that's why it was worse for you).

EDIT: wow tunnels is so damn cheap its almost worth it anyway imo.
What do you mean recently?

Its, always been there!

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