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I think its a fugly lookin plane but in terms of performance, it does its job to the upmost!!!

Ahh but it was never built for looks. It was built solely to make a BFG capable of flight. A10 is a truly American invention, Only in this country would we say "Lets take a really big !@# Gatling Gun and try and mount an airplane on it." I love to see video of it in action, or the stories of it flying home with half a plane missing.

And you know that Boots on the Ground love it, too.

Probably saved many a US military persons rear.
04/26/2012 05:49 PMPosted by Alyss
I am a Dictator.

Utility worker...natural gas....yeah...

For end of days you just need to hope the A10 can load Shotgun Shells to mow down waves of zombies.

Because lets face it a 30mm Gatling Shotgun would be pretty kick !@#.

Why waste the Ammo and maintance for the Gun System? just load 20 CBU-89's and call it a day. CBU = Cluster Bomb Unit -89= Anti Personel
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04/26/2012 05:25 PMPosted by D3BETA
I'm 3P051, Security Forces in the Air Force, Huaa!!!!

2W151c and a SF Augmentie
Good call!

Why wasn't the Air Force alerted at all when the planes that crashed into the WTC's went off course? Doesn't the Air Force know at all times all air traffic that's occuring over US air space? How did 2 giant airliners get to fly around willy nilly for a while with no jets dispatched?

By the time we realized we were under attack, there was nothing left to do. Besides, the terrorists were not broadcasting, so we had no idea which jet in the air was attacking and which one was not.

You know what it takes to obtain approval to shoot down a civilian jet in US airspace - at that time - when we had no idea of what was coming. Now, that's been changed but back then it was different. And that's not something that's changed in 5 minutes.

Also, on any given day, there are between 5000-6000 aircraft in the air over the US. You know what it takes to get them on the ground quickly. Plus then we didn't know if there were more than 4 aircraft involved or another 20. We had to get them on the ground and let it play out and see if there were anymore in the air.

Also, it's not the responsibility of the Air Force to track all civil aviation aircraft, that is handled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

That's not saying the Air Force and other service branches, on ocassion don't do that type of tracking, but only in certain areas. For example, on the east coast, the Navy tracks all military aircraft, and some civil aviation aircraft that go to and through the training areas off of the coast (from Canada down to Florida). But that's a different deal then what we're discussing during an emergency like 9/11.

It was a very emotional day for me, as not only the homeland was under attack, but I was watching it on TV in the squadron I was assigned to, which belonged to the premier F-15 wing on the east coast back then - and the room was full of F-15 pilots.


Anyway, I worked for the Air Force for 40 years and retired in 2007. Now playing games full time, as does my wife (with breaks and things, of course lol).
I'm a systems engineer for a defense contractor... by day...
04/26/2012 05:15 PMPosted by Daera
Work several different departments within a retail store... keeps work different every day.

This sounds like you are forced to work this way. Do you work for Home Depot =P.
I am jack of all trades, master of none...

Network Administrator =)
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BigLaw San Francisco here (commercial/securities litigator).

I wonder how many of us there are out there...
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mostly i breath. but also i have found that drinking water, eating food and sleeping helps.
... Um, I lurk in the shadows in the internet. I am a student, I draw things, and a semi-local fighting game champion. (whose too lazy to go bigger than that because I'm not really confident within my own abilities)

In short, I'm a procrastinator.
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That was an incredibly silly thing to say.
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