RoV seems meh

Demon Hunter
Is it just me? or does the skill rain of vengeance seem kinda...silly and mediocre at best?

it does some damage over time but for a skill that comes at a high level it just kinda seems useless and doesn't synergize well with the other skills. I dunno just seems like some reworking is in order.. also shadow beasts???
It's very hard to tell at this point how useful it will be as we don't know how many arrows are going to be falling or how big the aoe is. If it ends up hitting everything in a 20 yard radius around you four or five times I think that's pretty good for a fee skill on a 30s CD.

I have to agree with you about the shadow beasts though, sounds kinda strange and I would hope for some more variety in the runes, mostly just sounds like different damage patterns without much real change to how you can use the skill.

It's not that bad for an AoE that costs you nothing.
it synergizes very well; it's large damage for free and for very little cast time.
I'm not too sure about the damage, but the cooldown really turns me off. Especially now that i have watched the wizard revealed video where she spams blizzard 3 times in a row. I mean cmon aren't they both large aoe skills? i would prefer they give it a hatred cost and just remove the cooldown all together. Same goes for fan of knives too..
I'm really looking forward to testing out Rain of Vengeance, especially with the guided arrows rune.
i agree after seeing the wizard video. wizzy seems so overpowered
After beta I think wizzys need that level of fire power to stay alive.

As for Rain of Vengeance I think it is best suited for group play.

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