Inferno build

What are your thoughts on this build??

What would make it better??!ZXg!ccYYab
I think that is a good build for damage dealing, since you get like +80% damage; you get some resistance with resolve and StI (passive). I really don't like dashing strike though, that's personal. It might be really great for controlling mobs.

Your lashing tail kick does 200% damage. but if you replaced it with FoT or WothF you'd gain an extra 8% damage which would let you reach nearly 200% on your generators. You'd be pulling so much spirit, you could be using Dashing Strike at will.

You could DS through mobs, slowing them by 60%, hit cripwave, deadly reach, WothF and DS again. That might be good.

We really have to test these builds in the game to know for sure though
I like it except for Dashing Strike. Change it to Cyclone Strike with the reduced spirit cost rune so you can drop 4 lashing tail kicks in a row. You will get more bang for your buck if you can pull all the mobs into range of the kick. The Kick range is so short in the beta.

Also, if you can successfully stunlock the enemies, I would change the Seize the Initiative passive to Guiding Light. That way you get +31% damage buff for subsequent attacks.

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