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Query relating to D3 Auction house. I have an issue with players only able to trade items in a single currency.

Every person playing within a particular region, example: Americas, will theoretically have access to all items within that region. However, with players using different currencies, they are limited to using only the auction house of their currency.

So for example the following could happen: An Australian player finds a very valuable and very rare item and decides to sell it in the auction house, but they can only use the AUD auction house, likewise any potential buyers must also have AUD accounts. Only players with AUD accounts can have access to this item even though the item was "in theory" available to everyone within the Americas region, until the point that it was found in loot.
I would like to know what Blizzard plans to do about this problem.
According to the AH Guide/FAQ [], we will have access to the Americas (NA) auction house, and can trade on that auction house with the AUD currency.

EDIT: I think I misinterpreted your question. Your item won't be restricted to only being sold on the AUD RMAH, but there is a currency conversion fee for posting it on the USD RMAH. As per this blue post, anyway:

04/10/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Arcagnion
You guys have access to an Australian dollar auction house and a US dollar auction house. It will be up to you which you prefer to use. The advantages being that there are no currency conversation fees if you use the AUD auction house - on the other hand the USD auction house will have a larger player population.
OK that clears things up a bit. The FAQ were not that precise.

Sounds like the system will work, providing that players can easily switch between auction houses.
What about an NZ player? Or are we using the AUD Auction house?
05/01/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Zurayth
no currency conversation fees

I know money talks, but I didn't know it charged for the priviledge.
I predict that very few will use the AUD RMAH. With the AUD being higher than the USD and more players using the USD RMAH, there is virtually no reason to limit yourself to the AUD one.
conversion fees will mean you will have to get out the calculator to determine which deal is best i guess >.>

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