Build Plan

I would like to base my monk around the following 3 key themes:

1. Maximize heaing, buff and group survivability support
2. Generate significant PBAOE damage
3. Optimize passive spirit regeneration

I will be primarily duoing with a Barbarian so my plan is to use a slow 2 handed weapon with highest DPS stat to maximize my PBAOE damage with explosive light.

My general battle plan will be:

1. Run mantra of conviction
2. Cyclone Strike to draw in mobs into the Barb and I.
3. Activate serenity enruned with tranqulitiy (when its available)
4. Blast with Wave of light enruned to be explosive light for 285% holy PBAOE damage
5. Use crippling wave when spirit regen is required

Following is my build plan any feedback would be appreciated.!dfc!aZZcbY
You will be out of spirit in no time at all.

Just my advice (not an expert or anything) get the passive with 100+ spirit, passive on Mantra of healing that adds +2 spirit a second.!bdc!ZbZcYZ

Just a thought.

This a very support sided, not omg I am L33t DPS
I agree, its going to be rough on spirit. I have taken some of your advice and made some tweaks.!bfc!ZcZZbY

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