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Awesome. Good work!
+1 for your inspiring creativity.

I'd post my own desk, but the excessive amount of !@#$ would be frowned upon (Atleast officially).
Pretty awesome. I'm sure your parents love it too :)
check out my diablo desk:

I like the aquarium idea, gives me some ideas
Did you use the old coffee and matches for the parchment?

Man some of you guys are good! Some other guy just so happened to know the jars were from Yankee Candle.
Hey guys, I think I'm ready for Diablo

Some close ups from angles

What kind of keyboard is that?
Pretty cool man, now thats dedication. Thumbs up!!!!
its an iScroll. Costs about 400 but it's more for professional work than silly games.
For my silly games I have a g15 logitech, but it's so old the leds on thw buttons barely show up. Very hard to type on either of them in the dark. Hopefully the iScroll 2 comes with some kind of backlighting.
Deckard Cain himself would approve of that wicked sweet gaming set up Scrambles. Real candles are awesome but need replacement and can be a potential fire debuff. Have you considered using electric candles to stack fire resistance?

05/02/2012 08:37 AMPosted by scrambles
For some reason I just couldn't find a good size pic of the soulstone. It's likely I was accidentally using Bing.

Wait, what soulstone?
its no good there is no room for dew or chips
Lemme guess. No gf. :D
Tell me thats fake
Man, that is one amazing desk right there. All ready for the end of all days.
Only peasants use electric lighting! Jk yeah theyll be switched out. Dont try this at home kids (err people of my own age apparently).
Also, it's referring to this video
the black soulstone on her desk.
You know the one that accidentally (spoiler spoiler spoiler) the whole town.
I dont see any herb..
05/02/2012 03:38 PMPosted by Rygarius
potential fire debuff


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