My Crazy Ultimate Berserker Build !

Link to the build:!ZWh!ZYaYZc

The sole purpose of this build:
It all involves around the "Thrive on Chaos (Every 25 fury gained while Wrath of the Berserker is active adds 1 second to the during the the effect)" skill rune of Wrath of the Berserker.
All other skills and skill runes are used to help maximize the duration of Wrath of the Berserker except Call of the Ancients.

Any thoughts on this build?
I see so many of these types of builds around and they are all terrible. This is what you want.!YZd!YZZcYc
Don't just shove a build in his face, give him the info so he can improve his build.

Here is a link to a thread talking about a build similar to yours. I would read it all but the crucial bit is in posts 9 and 11.
<- idiot
Sorry, forgot to add the link.
Am I the only one that thinks 15 seconds every 2 minutes is way too situational for a fast paced game like Diablo?
No. You only use it on a big pack.!YgS!aYcYbc

This is a crazy build. Assume you are using mighty weapon. It can easily extend to 25 or more seconds.
I've been planning a build that uses a similar concept. However, it is a frenzy build that relies on spamming frenzy + maniac while thrive on chaos is active. This form of it will definately be used for bosses/champions. Ideally a Wiz/DH/WD would be in party for AoE to enable questing.!gcV!cbZacc

I think 25 frenzy per second is achievable with gear fairly easily, as the attack speed from dual weild, frenzy, and WotB mean that you might only need +2-3 fury per attack (on a scythe, for example) to keep the buff going as long as theres something to hit.

Where this build really gets interesting is the quality and attributes on the weapons. Leech, %ed, stun, slow, etc would make this a very nice single target dps & tank build.

Also, because this build can have as good dps just from the primary, there is no real need for fury spenders (Note: we can always drop in a secondary or change this build for AoE)

Defensive: AoE stun spam - glorious. More fury for lulls in the action, more resists, more armor, etc...

Passive: Brawler is a no brainer for this build, as is beserker rage (no need to spend fury!). These buffs are needed to make frenzy damage workable as the only real DPS source.

Tough as nails could be swapped for leach, resists, etc... Whatever is needed most.

Last minute thought: If survivability was not a problem, I would add earthquake + mountain's call as secondary and boon of BK instead of tough as nails to get a huge boost to DPS.

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