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Demon Hunter
Have been looking around and since the end of the beta and trying to optimize my build. I came up with!eYc!YZbbYb. I'll be playing with friends often so I thought this would bring the best utility along with damage.

Entangling Shot + Justice is Served - Hate Generator + Slows

Impale + Chemical Burn - Single target damage dealer

Caltrops + Jagged Spikes - Damage + Slow (Thought about using Bait the Trap here)

Vault + Tumble - Escape + movement

Multishot + Full Broadside - AoE

Marked for Death + Grim Reaper - Group Utility + Extra AoE Dmg

Passive: These seem pretty standard for non-grenade builds.
Steady Shot
Cull the Weak

What are your thoughts? Any improvement areas? Do I need more of something?
Looks like you got all your basses covered my good sir.
Very similar to the build i plan on running on my DH!aYc!aZabYZ

I opted for shadow power over MfD as an emergency heal and the speed boost on vault for faster escapes.

As well as chain gang rune and improved slow on caltrops

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