in need of some build advice

I was thinking of going something like this:!UTb!aaaZYc
You would get SW up then
you would FoT into the middle/most dangerous monster, continue to hit till enemies surround you
then LTK,
CS them back in
LTK again then continue with FoT to clean up,
Serenity for those ohoh moments
Im still not sure which mantra to use, since its so in-your-face i chose to attempt to stack dodge.

So yeah, any advice, ideas, comments, anything to help me improve this build would be helpful, thanks.
My one thought is, will just one gen be enough to keep this up or am i dreaming too big?
Hmm, i like the idea of using Cyclone to keep your SW up.
LTK could be swapped for Dashing strike w/ the Quicksilver rune (10 spirit cost), it might be a better choice so you can keep up the SW, since it costs so much spirit.

For my dodge build, I personally like the Dual weld passive, its an easy 15% dodge to get, and fast attack speed means fast spirit gen. That really wont be a problem to put into your build since Near Death Experience is a lvl 60 passive.

The "One With Everything" Passive will be good for harder difficulties, maybe swap that for "Seize The initiative" at lower levels, since resistances are more important in NM/hell/inferno.

A slight alteration might look like:!ZXd!abaZYc

Thats personally how i'd put the passives for lower levels.

I will use 1 Spirit gen eventually, i'll have to try them out though.
Hmm. The whole LTK knockback, CS back in, then LTK again seems counterintuitive to me, particularly since you have Blade Storm.

I would say go with a more in-your-face playstyle to make the best use of Blade Storm, and change some passives to help you out. Another thing is the AoE and the teleport on Thunderclap is nice, but you're only doing 35% damage per strike. You could use a heavy hitter for your spirit generator with WotHF, plus you get a dash with it to replace the teleport, and also a DoT that syncs with Blade Storm, and then Resolve passive that complements Blade Storm for damage reduction.

Swapped out MoE for MoH - since you weren't stacking dodge, you'd be better off with a more reliable source of survivability = high healing per second. Or you could go with Guardian's Path for dodge, then go with MoE with Hard Target for extra armor. Lots of ways to do it.

Take a look - this my interpretation of it, and it could be way off from what you're imagining, but honestly that's the beauty of the D3 system :D!ZXb!bYaZYa

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