Monk's mobility

From some thread on the DH forums:

04/26/2012 02:16 AMPosted by Fifth
In the Beta Weekend Monks were definitely more mobile than DH by far. Not even a comparison. All those jars on the side in the crypt/cathedral.. No way a DH can chase a Monk.

And... have you ever seen a monk .... that dashed to JARS? cuz thats what I did... 250 spirit allowed me to jump to the edge of the screen 10 times. Mind you at any given point I could have just used Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap inbetween every Dashing Strike for even more distance.

I'm interested to see this in action. Is there any video out there that demonstrates this?
This was what I did. The dash only went 2 feet if it wasn't aimed at anything.
When rushing the SK I would wiggle the mouse along the edge of the screen looking for jars and other destructibles.
Once I saw a highlight, BAM, dash, dash, dash.
Erm, I'm not saying I don't believe this or anything. I was just asking if there's a video of this in action. If not, maybe someone might be interested to make one.
There are some people in denial on that forum. The Monk is the most mobile class in the game as long as there are destructible items and enemies to dash to (it also requires FoT/DS). Now, if the entire dungeon was cleared of everything, then that's another story. But it's also pretty rare.
I plan on using FoT rune and DS AND Blazing Fists on WotHF (assuming crit hit stacking isn't that tough) with Fleetfoot, makes me think of the run fast aura with charge on paly.

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