Theoretical Max Attacks/s and Affix Stacking

Tried this on General Discussion but it quickly got buried. Since it pertains to Wizard for me since it'll be my first char, I'll try to get some possible answers here.

*Warning, doing some crazy math just for the hell of it to stave of bordem and maybe be able to discount some of the more ridiculus possibilities, read at your own risk*

I got everything done I wanted to in Open Beta with the exception of testing how attack speed bonuses stacked. There are a surprising number of different ways they could stack and the difference between one way and the next is staggering to the end result. As I see it we have the following options.

1. All bonuses are Independent Terms. Multiply each +XX% bonus seperatly, then add the +0.XX bonuses.

2. All like bonuses are added together first. Then the +XXX% is multiplied to weapon speed, then +0.XX is added to the final result.

3. Bonuses on Weapon are added first and become the new "base APS" which are then multiplied by the total +XXX%, and then +0.XX is added.

All three of these can then have a varient in which the +0.XX are added before the +XXX% is multiplied.

As of Patch 18 the known max values on Attack Speed are;

Helm,Chest,Shoulders,Bracers,Offhand = +13%
Belt,Pants,Boots = +15%
Gloves = +17%
Amulets, Rings = +17% and +0.15
Weapon = +25% and +0.25

Total = +203% and +0.7

So the Theoretical Maximums of the above case scenarios would be (A for the stated case, B will be if the +0.XX effects are emplaced before the % bonuses.) For the purpose of these calculations I will use a 1.4 APS base wand since i'm including offhand IAS affix.

1-a) 1.4 * 1.13^5 * 1.15^3 * 1.17^4 * 1.25 + 0.25 + 0.15 * 3 = 9.89 Attacks per Second

1-b) (1.4 + 0.25 + 0.15*3) * 1.13^5 * 1.15^3 * 1.17^4 * 1.25 = 13.78 Attacks per Second

2-a) 1.4 * 3.03 + 0.7 = 4.94 Attacks per Second

2-b) (1.4 + 0.7) * 3.03 = 6.36 Attacks per Second

3-a) (1.4 * 1.25 + 0.25 ) * 2.78 + 0.45 = 6.01 Attacks per Second

3-b) { [ (1.4 + 0.25) * 1.25 ] + 0.45 } * 2.78 = 6.98 Attacks per Second

I find it extremely unlikely either of the first two will be possible, but the other 4 could all occur. Do weapons in beta have the chance to get any amount of +0.0X to attack speed? Can it be tested before launch in any way?

All help would be highly appreciated.

tl;dr: Theorycrafting isn't for you if you can't read long posts.
I can confirm from testing that the weapon attack speed % establishes a new base attack speed and then the other attack speed % bonus from items are added and then multiplied through.

I tested with a crossbow with 5% attack speed increase, crossbows have a base 1.6 attacks per second and 1.68 attacks per second after the 5% increase is factored in.

With 2 x 5% rings, 4% gloves, 10% quiver i get a total of 24% attack speed % not including the crossbow.

In the display is shows 2.08 attacks per second which is 1.68 *1.24. showing that the weapon establishes a new attack speed before the other percentages go through. If the weapon wasn't factored in first it would be 2.06 which would be 1.6 *1.29.

Hope that helps a little. I'm not sure how skills will go into the calculation such at the follower skill that increases attack speed by 3%. I would guess that skills multiply through after all items bonuses are taken into account other wise they would be pretty underpowered.
In the display is shows 2.08 attacks per second which is 1.68 *1.24. showing that the weapon establishes a new attack speed before the other percentages go through. If the weapon wasn't factored in first it would be 2.06 which would be 1.6 *1.29.

I had suspected that was the most likely because Blizzard made it a point for weapons to show an adjusted APS based on the IAS affix it contained. That just leaves confirmation of 3a or 3b. Do/did any of the weapons in beta have the chance to get the linear kind of attack speed bonus as well as the percentage?

Still, the fact that we can declare the theoretical wand max APS above 6 (6.2 with enchantress and possibly upwards of 7) is extremely exciting to me. For example...!VfY!aacaac

Forget AP entirely and just spam Chain Lightning at 6.2 APS. There is a possible affix that gives +5% more damage to electrocute so...

80% * 1.15 * 1.12 * 1.10 * 1.05 = 119% times 6 targets times 6.2 a second = 4425% damage per second without AP use.

Then you are hitting 6 targets 6.2 times a second with an 8% chance to stun per hit, or 49.6% on average chance to stun 6 things per second for TWO SECONDS, as in a 98.2% chance to stun 6 things for two seconds every two seconds.

That doesn't even count magic weapon causing random additional bolts of possible stunning lightning and (minor) damage, as well as two mirror images doing the same... Stun lock 6-7 mobs continuously while dealing massive damage, all for no AP?

Obviously Inferno mobs will not be stunned for the full two seconds, probably not even one. Still, on paper I'm extremely excited.
I haven't seen any weapons in the beta with linear attack speed increase.

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