Evasive Fire

Demon Hunter
Do you think it has the potential to be used as your sole source of hatred generation? Its damage seems on par with the "Primary" skills. But will the backflip component starve you of discipline?


This is kinda the setup Ill probably be rollin with.

Basically just evasive fire backflipping away from them leaving caltrops to keep them slowed (and increase damage by 15% via Cull the Weak) and spike traps with scatter rune for some massive AoE damage.

Marked for Death and Impale are for those priority targets in a pack.

I picked Rain of Vengence because I figure Ill be burning a lot of hatred on spike traps and figured a Hatred free cooldown skill would be better. Put Stampede rune in it incase monsters closing in a little too hard knock em back get my distance again.
Looks fine to me. I don't know if it will be enough cc/evasion until we actually pick up the game and play it.
Evasive Fire generates 33% more hatred than other unruned hatred generators. With fast weapon(s), you'll be generating hatred much faster than other generators.

As for backflipping, you'll need some superior character control to use Evasive Fire well, so that backflip won't occur when you don't want it to, and when you do backflip, you'll flip to the direction you want.
For that, I think skills like Strafe and Tactical Advantage are great for Evasive Fire.
I plan to use Evasive Fire as my sole source of hatred generation, too. I like the Covering Fire rune except vs single targets, since it basically triples the damage. I am not a huge fan of relying on Caltrops to snare targets and trigger the Cull the Weak buff, though.

I would drop Impale and pick up Elemental Arrow with the Frost Arrow rune. If you take that route, you can also drop Caltrops since your snares will be covered. I would replace Caltrops with Preparation and the Battle Scars rune, giving you an emergency heal and a way to instantly restore discipline in situations where the Evasive Fire backflip is needed several times in a short time frame. Finally, since you have Preparation to restore discipline, I would probably ditch Nightstalker and pick up Archery instead.

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