Tank Build

All I'm focusing on is taking the hits and staying on top of the mobs and staying alive. Doing damage IS NOT my priority.


Frenzy is just there because I LOVED frenzy in D2, and 75% attack speed holy shi-

Rend will be my primary attack, just for the constant heals, even if 9% seems insignificant.

Leap is obviously to get ahead of my partner and make sure I'm dominating the action, while my partner does damage from afar.

Revenge is just for extra heals and damage.

Threatening shout is if mobs start moving towards my ally, this way they won't hurt him / her too badly, and the taunt will bring them back to attack me for 3 seconds.

Ancient spear to pull back any strays that wander off, and 60% life steal? awesome.

Anyways I'm open to suggestions. Barbarian isn't going to be my primary, but when I do play the class with my bf, I wanna be a tank.
I think bloodthirst isn't going to be a great passive for you as you probably aren't going to be doing that much damage, I would go with superstition.

I would also swap out nerves of steel as the amount of armor we will get from it, even as tanks who stack vit, won't be a better gain than the other passives like relentless and juggernaut which help make those Oh s#%t! moments more survivable.

Ancient spear sounds good and I considered taking it, but if you look at it it is only 111% weapon damage as life at it's quickest every ten seconds and from using it in the beta I have to say it can be hard to get the enemy you are trying for if there are other mobs close to you.

I like war cry better as it's a group buff and aids in survivability.

Here's mine - I am going to be playing with a WD, DH, and Wiz so I focus pretty exclusively on defensive skills. If you are planning on playing as a duo or with a monk in your party it makes sense that you would ease off and have some more offense in your build.


I go with gathering storm on cleave to help keep mobs on me, but I may switch it for frenzy with smite or triumph.

I have invigorate on war cry cause it will also make the heals from charge and revenge better, but I may switch it for impunity or hardened wrath.

Might switch iron hide to mob rule if my team is taking lots of damage.

I am undecided between juggernaut and relentless.

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