Frenzy Zerker build. Winning.

Can some one tell me why this build wont own? It just looks too sexy.
umm, this is a max fury build?

You will be able to own everything for about 15 seconds but then you're going to have to sit around for a couple minutes waiting for skills to come off CD. Also WW makes no sense in a max fury build.
If nothing else, Earthquake is almost useless without a means to keep the monsters inside its small area of effect.

Your focus is definitely on damage dealing, which means monsters will hate you most. Then comes the beatdown after Ignore Pain ends and the monsters are still alive... and trust me, they will be, especially champions, uniques and obviously bosses.

I suppose it'll be a fine build to farm Hell if you're inclined to do so before getting slaughtered in Inferno. Too many changes are required to survive Inferno; look up "inferno build" on this forum for insights. I'm not saying you should copy them, just learn about what people believe it will take to survive, that's all. My latest thread is as good a starting point as any:
well I thought ww would work nice because it generates its own fury. When i need to top off fury I just hit War Cry. i see ww being used more as an AOE ability.

Seems the build your pointing me too is all about crowd control. Witch is perfectly understandable.
As far as getting slaughtered in Inferno.. Well i heard the same rumors about cataclysm. I guess it depends how much experience you have playing end game games.
My point is that almost everyone that's had experience in D2 Hell says Inferno will chew you up if you can't prevent the monsters from hitting you (too hard). Your build has a single defensive ability, which if you believe what 90%+ of the community says, will not be enough to survive at Inferno difficulty. It's all I'm saying. :)
I agree. I'll have to add some more crowd control.
I agree that WW is probably not worth taking for a max fury build. Instead, I would switch it for Revenge - provocation. It's a free AoE ability that when runed that way, will trigger about every 3 hits you take and heal you 5% for every mob you hit with it

I might recommend a build that looks like this!gch!cbcbcb

since all spenders are removed, you don't really need a big generation of rage since you can always go kill a few easy mobs and get to max fury

also, dropping brawler to pick up bloodthirst could be beneficial since you only have 1 effective defensive CD
Here is a tweak of the build to consider:!dce!cbZacb

included bloodthirst and superstition

Switched War Cry to Ground Stomp+Deafening Crash for increased stun+slow.
Switched leap to furious charge+merciless assault. hit 5 enemies and the cooldown is gone, and more damage dealing.

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