Dreadbomber (Build)


The Dreadbomber! This build focuses on mobility, Rage Generation, and dropping Dreadbombs.

First lets take a look at what Dreadbomb is, and why/how/if it is useful.
Dread Bomb states that it depletes the warriors current rage and does damage equal to rage consumed x3 as % weapon damage. So if you have 120 rage, it does 360% weapon damage in a 12 yard AoE.

For passives we take Weapons Master for the Mighty Weapon's bonus rage on hit, Animosity for increased rage generation and a higher rage cap for larger Dreadbombs, and finally Boon of Bul' Kathos to reduce the cooldown of both Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker.

  • Wrenching Smash is our how we will start combat. The rage generation works well with our self and the stun allows us to build frenzy stacks
  • Stamina(Furious Charge) allows us to build large amounts of rage in groups and at least 23 rage single target) and deal respectable damage
  • Frenzy allows us to do damage single target and Maniac means that we can five stack Frenzy to throw a 20% larger Dreadbomb. We will use this as often as possible and try and keep it stacked
  • Dreadbomb, When we rage cap we have a weapon we can expend our rage on, doing from 3-360% weapon damage we will be able to use this spell single target or hopefully AoE
  • Wrath of the Berserker will be used as often as possible, due to our rage generation abilities we can hope to extend it by 5-10 seconds per activation (Meaning a 30%+ Uptime depending on circumstances)
  • Call of the Ancients is another Rage Dump, providing support damage for rage.

Biggest Problem: Lack of utility, most of this build is spent working with synergies, no shouts but will provide extreme output.

Biggest Strength: Great Versus bosses, with two cool-downs and the ability to have a reliable rage dump.
I don't know if it's just me, but dreadbomb seems like it's a waste of a lot of energy. Sure, you hit hard, but only when you're at full rage and then you drop to zero. I feel like you'd be much better off just spamming other attacks.

I would say it's weak versus bosses because your DPS is lower and you're just bursting every once in a while.
Perhaps, but the goal is to keep WotB up as much as possible.
Nothing wrong with the idea Celda, there have been a couple threads about similar builds, but you should call it a perma WotB or say that that is the goal somewhere because really dreadbomb is pretty incidental to the build, it just happens to be the most time efficient fury dump we have.

I would suggest you drop boon of bul-kathos, call of the ancients, and leap in favor of some defense skills and overpower-momentum. I think that will make your build more survivable, have better fury generation, and play more consistent.

Here is a perma WotB/crit build I made a while back. Obviously not perfect as it has no escape skill and defense is ok but not that good with armor/resistances from war cry, doge from WotB, and healing from revenge.

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