Another Summoner Build, Feedback Appreciated

Witch Doctor
This is a build I have been thinking about for a while. Below are my thoughts. Please give me any constructive comments you might have.!ZcW!YcaabY

Primary Attack:
Firebomb (Pyrogeist)
Cheap attack with some AoE with a rune that makes it a good single target spell.

Secondary Attack:
Acid Cloud (Corpse Bomb)
High damage AoE spell that will use all mana that is available. Will also activate Bad Medicine.

Zombie Dogs (Rabid Dogs)
CC spell that contributes damage and activates Bad Medicine

Gargantuan (Big Stinker)
CC spell that contributes damage and activates Bad Medicine

Fetish Army (Fetish Ambush)
Extra damage and CC during big battles. Rune will provide massive damage if spell is used when near enemies. Great save your butt spell if you get surrounded.

Support Spell:
Big Bad Voodoo (Slam Dance)
During major battle this will give extra attack speed, movement speed, and 30% damage to all pets and party members. With all the pets this will be significant damage increase for them and me.

Jungle Fortitude
Keep my pets and myself alive.

Bad Medicine
Keep my pets, myself, and party members alive.

Pierce the Veil
Extra Damage is always a plus. Dogs and Gargantuan are permanent summons that hopefully won't need to be recast very often with JF and BM. They get damage bonus with little mana impact. Big Bad Voodoo and Fetish Army cost no mana so no downside. Firebomb is so cheap it will have little impact. Corpse Bomb will get increase damage but cannot be cast as often.


The only modification to this build I have been considering is trading out Fetish Army with Hex (Unstable Form) for a constant source of CC and addition damage increase.

Edit: Based on comment, Hex (Hedge Magic) would also be a good alternative that also provides life with a little bit less damage.

Please provide any feedback you might have on this build.

Thank you.
Seems ok, only big drawback I see is the lack of healing.
You will need to stack life leach, but as long as you do that, should be ok.

(As much as anybody can say about whether a build is good or not prior to launch.)
I have to say that I like it. The only drawback though is that you don't have reliable CC as you mentioned. Most of my summoner builds do have Hex with Hedge Magic.. not only is it CC, but keeping your various pets alive with heals will extend your sustained DPS quite dramatically. BBV is a massive burst dps boost, but the cooldown is much higher and it does have a limited range (based on the video).

One other thought I've been having for summoner builds is using CoL and/or Fetish Sycophants as a passive. CoL would free up an active skill slot from ZDs for a higher damage nuke or possibly some other useful utility and you'd still have dogs.. and FS just seems cool since your two main nukes are physical realm spells. But a lot of people want runed dogs so CoL isn't on their radar. I know you have them runed with Rabid for your Bad Medicine passive, but you've got plenty of other poison damage already going on. Like I said just a thought.
I actually think you got it all covered, IMO. 1 thing though, you have Jungle Fortitude so you and your pets take less damage, great. So I don't think life steal with be as big a priority, as say more damage and mana regeneration, which might be a problem due to 30% higher mana cost from Pierce. Great build IMO though! Nice job.
Very similar to some of my 'Bad Medicine Summomer' variants. Overall, very balanced. You have your main nuke, secondary source of damage which is an AoE as well. You shouldn't have too much trouble against crowds. The only thing that would make me personally uneasy is the lack of a defensive

You could save Fetish Army for when things turn badly, but the cool down window is too long to rely on it to keep you alive. The way I see it, Fetish Army and Mass Confusion serve a similar defensive role, they can be used very so often but are powerful in shifting the fight in your favor. The thing that sets them apart as an iconic defensive cooldown in any build is that unlike Spirit Walk or Horrify you just can't rely on the cooldown to be there when you need it.

If you feel comfortable without a short defensive cooldown then that's completely fine. Just thought I bring it to your attention and see what your opinion is on that. There are definitely builds out there that bring immense passive defense through summons and don't require as many defensive cooldowns. I personally would keep Slam Dance for when I was in a multiplayer game and use Fetish Army while soloing. That frees up a defensive slot of needed at later difficulties.

Edit: I forgot to comment on the build as a whole. To me it seems very solid and will take you a long way. And if you ever encounter anything problematic you can always make some adjustments. Nicely done.
I appreciate everyones feedback.

@Jakobb: I really hope that with all the pet defense and damage reduction this will not be a huge factor, but I can adjust if that is the case.

@Vorador: If the pets do not end up providing enough CC then I will probably switch out Fetish Army for another spell like Horrify. I considered changing my passives but I do not want to change my damage reduction passives that will keep my pets alive or change out pierce the veil because I believe the extra damage is worth more in my build than an additional active skill spot.

@broFenix: I don't see mana being an issue with my build because I will spam firebomb until I have enough mana to cast corpse bomb.

@Nier: I appreciate all the feedback and would consider switching out fetish army or Big Bad Voodoo for horrify if necessary.

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