LF Critique:

Demon Hunter
Here's a few builds I threw together, tell me what you think:

Solo: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#bZQYTd!cYe!aaaZaa

Support Co-op: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acQkjd!eYU!bcaYcb

Max damage Co-op: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#acQgjd!YeT!YcaYYa

Edit: Revised builds
Both decent builds, one minor comment is on your group build I don't see the need for perfectionist; mark of death/guardian sentry/vault are already fairly cheap and you shouldn't be spamming them. Maybe just choose cull the weak like you did in the first build.
for your solo build:
If strafe with bouncy grenades is your aoe I would say 9 yards is going to be smaller than you think.

You will get better damage with devouring arrow than puncturing arrow.

I also don't really agree with retaliate on FoK, as you have vault and caltrops there's no reason not to vault away before you get hit. You could change it for hail of knives or assassin's knives but either way most of the time you're going to lose the steady aim buff when you use it.

I would instead go with something to help you with aoe, maybe RoV, or if you think strafe is good enough grab a cheap buffing skill like bat/ferret companion, sentry, or MfD.

Since your only slow is caltrops I would probably ditch cull the weak in favor of vengeance or tactical advantage.

For your support co-op build:
I don't think you should have both impale and rapid fire in your build. I would drop impale for elemental arrow or multishot.

I'm a bit unsure about how well contagion will work. part of the reason I love MfD in a party situation is that it kinda tells everyone who to aim at. With contagion you loose your ability to target specific enemies and you will end up splitting your damage between multiple targets. I would prefer death toll, but mortal enemy and grim reaper would work as well.

It'll take testing but I'm not convinced you'll need perfectionist as it doesn't look like a real disc heavy build to me. You might think about vengeance or custom engineering instead.
Noted, thanks. Do either of you have any sample builds of your own I might take a look at?
Updated all 3 builds. What do you think?
For the max dmg build, I'd replace Hungering Arrow with Evasive Fire [Shrapnel]. It has a higher base damage %, and you wouldn't have to rely on a 35% pierce chance to get the most bang for your buck, while also softening up the rabble.

The built in back flip would also free up your Vault slot, which I would replace with Impale [Grievous Wounds]. Impale is such a nasty skill, its top end damage can get ridiculous depending on your weapon.

To make use of the Grievous Wounds rune, I replaced Shadow Power with Caltrops [Bait the Trap]. That gives you another 10% crit chance, which along with your passives, is really starting to add up. Shadow Power doesn't really do anything for your dps, and ideally you'll be getting hit so little that an occasional health orb will be all you need.

Mark of Death is a great skill choice for a max DPS build, and the Mortal Enemy rune is a good choice as well. I personally prefer Contagion, because the larger the mob packs (and they will be HUGE in a 4 player CO-OP), the more you'll get out of just one cast.

The wording on Rapid Fire's Bombardment rune is a bit confusing to me. Regardless, 4 yards is a stupidly small area, as such I chose the High Velocity rune to give you a bit more AE dmg.

And since Rapid Fire cover's your AE dmg now, I replaced Multi-Shot with Companion [Ferrets]. Because, let's be honest here, it's ferrets.

Here's what it would look like, hope you like my suggestions.
Anthysis, that's a nice build and I agree with the tweaks although I think it might be a little lacking in the AoE department. I hadn't thought about swapping Vault out for Evasive--thanks.
i disagree about replacing hungering arrow with evasive fire, 6 yards is next to nothing in diablo so itsnot going ot hit many targets. while devouring arrows average expected damage is like 284% and the built in back flip is nice but i do not feel it can really replace ss/vault except for in very discipline heavy builds. i would replace shadow power with prep, if your worried about life you can put on the battle scars rune. id also replace rapid fire with impale.
so id suggest something like this for your 3rd build
(also, if you get over 30% crits id replace the passive sharpshooter with another passive)

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