Cluster Arrow vs. Elemental Arrow

Demon Hunter
which of these two spells would be better for PVP?

Cluster(Loaded for Bear) does 290%+100%(minibombs)dmg at the cost of 50Hatred

Elemental Arrow(Frost Arrow) does 170% dmg +1s 60% slow at the cost of 10Hatred

the builds in question are:
elemental arrow:!Zec!bZaZYb
Neither. I'd rather use impale for PVP.

If I had to pick though, I'd choose elemental arrow. It has some utility with the snare, but the lower damage could end up being a problem. If I used it in a PVP build, it would likely be a secondary attack.

Cluster uses too much hatred for my liking.

The rest of the build looks pretty solid.

Here's my speculated PVP build:!aTZ!acabbZ

My thought process is that combat mobility is going to be the demon hunter's greatest strength, hence tumble on vault and tactical advantage. Controlling health globe spawns will be key.

I like sharpshooter because it will allow for massive openers with runed impale.

Smoke screen and hungering arrow are more fillers. I want to see how PVP comes out to see which generator is most effective. If smoke screen is very effective (which it should be), the challenge to this build will be managing discipline. Choosing when to vault and when to smoke screen will be key.

I may need to add archery or a damage passive until the great gear is available. In my experience, survival and utility are usually more important than damage. But if the damage is too weak I may sacrifice some utility.
i agree with everything Northernwolf said above except smokescreen being a filler/less imprtant then vault. imo its going to be our most important ability in pvp as it breaks cc, makes us immune to cc and immune to damage. i think it will be more viable then vault because other classes still have abilities to tele/jump to us or even pull us to them,(+ we are not the only ranged class) obviously we will still need vault(especially for grabbing health globes) i just feel ss will be our most important disc spender in pvp.
Cronos - I completely agree with you that smoke screen will be essential if it stands as is. Much better than vault. I just don't buy that Blizzard is not going to do any sort of balancing for PVP, and I can see smoke screen getting nerfed in PVP, making it filler until further notice.

I think the thing that stands out for the DH's mobility as opposed to the other classes is that our mobility is nearly spammable in combat. The wizard can't spam teleport (via wormhole) in combat because they will run out of their resource or they stop and the cooldown will go into effect. Leap has a cooldown. The DH should be able to get to key positions in the arena faster than any other class because of this.
Northernwolf i like your build a lot, but i've some questions:

1) do you think Hungering Arrow is really that good? i was thinking of maybe using Entangling Shot with Heavy Burden(4s slow)

2) i would add the Archery passive instead of Tactical Advantage

3) will you be using bow, 2hand crossbow or 1hand crossbow? i think it makes sense to go with 2hand cross since it gives 50% crit and this is what this build is built on, right? problem is i love bows :P
very true, and yes the way smoke screen is now i do see it getting nerfed in the not to distant future. i think disc generation builds are going to be able to abuse ss in inferno making it alot easier which will either have them nerf our disc generation abilities or nerf ss and nerfing ss is going to be easier for them.
FrozenFlame -

1) Like I said, what generator I use is still up in the air. Hungering arrow is definitely the best single target damage generator, and when it pierces it can really do damage.

I want to see what entangling shot can do. If the snare makes your target significantly easier to hit with impale it could be very useful. Or if it forces other classes to use cooldowns to get rid of the snare, only to hit a caltrops. Time will tell.

2) Tactical advantage is the passive I'd most likely change. If I need more damage I'd definitely switch it for Archery. I can see the added mobility being great for us, though. I like to focus on making my classes' strengths stronger, and I think combat mobility is one of the DH's strongest areas.

3) I will probably use a bow or 2h xbow. Really whatever my best weapon is at the time. Burst damage is almost always king in PVP.

Cronos - Agree again. SS is almost too good to be true.

i like you lol :P

do you mind telling your PVE build as well? i was thinking of something like!Yec!aZabcc

That build looks pretty good to me. Good synergy between skills I'm a fan of the Steady Aim and Archery as passives for PVE.

I like that you included rain of vengeance. I think it gets overlooked somewhat. I see a lot of potential for it on tough fights. It goes well with Frost arrow too, since Frost arrow is somewhat effective as both an aoe and single target (it's our most hatred efficient skill if I'm not mistaken).

I'd change the rune on Prep to Battle Scars again. I think the self heal will help a lot on the harder difficulties. It gives us a little room for mistakes against melee and some more time to nuke down ranged enemies. With just vault (tumbled at that) and caltrops spending discipline, two full globes should suffice for a fight.

As for my PVE build, I really don't have a specific one. There are so many viable options that I don't think there is a one size fit's all PVE build. It's all situational. That being said, almost all of my builds include Caltrops and vault/smokescreen. Usually one aoe hatred spender and one single target hatred spender. Prep is also very strong.

Here are two of my favorites:

Group Grenadier - high hatred generation and focus on spamming powerful spenders. Sentry is there for some group utility while also doing damage.!geY!accbZc
(Unsure of grenades usefulness other than generating insane amounts of hatred. Also unsure about which rune is best for it. Sentry is more of a filler. I didn't know what else to put there. I was torn between Sentry and Mark of Death.)

A standard solo build - Impale for single targets, multi shot for aoe (thrill of the hunt and multishot roots everything), everything else is self-explanatory.!eYZ!aZabba
i like your first build, i see what you did there, using grenades as a huge Hatred regen and the cost of Cluster is now 40Hatred

my two modifications: i am not a huge fan of Sentry and would change it for Markked for Death with Grim Reaper rune(not sure about the rune, they're all very good)

maybe changing the Steady Aim passive for Vengeance passive? you lose some dmg but you gain +25Hatred and you get 20Hatred/2Disc from each Health Globe

and i will change my rune from Prep, you're right...60% heal might be very useful in inferno :)

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