My Build: Hold and Unload

Demon Hunter
Probably not going to be the best build in the universe, but here goes:!YeU!YYbaZa

The idea behind this build is for me to set up a perimeter I can hide behind, and just rain pain down on them as much as possible, and hopefully survive it. Best of all, build (if it works) should be viable at Level 45.

Devouring Arrow: This is my go-to attack. I love that it seeks, and pierces, and boosting the pierce effect is highly desirable for me.

High Velocity: Again, another piercing ability, this time with poison arrows. (May move to Chakram for more area hits depending on how those runes play out, but I didn't like the imprecision in beta.)

Jagged Spikes: Trap to slow them down, and spikes to damage them while they're slowed. The short timespan will hopefully not be a problem, as you'll see later.

Contagion: The plan is to hit a weak enemy in the group with this, target and kill it fast, and let the contagion spread. 30 seconds isn't long, but ...

Vigilant Watcher: Throw down the sentry behind the spikes, and let it just unleash at them for a while. The rune is just to give me a bigger boost for later.

Fire at Will: Reduced cost lighting attack to pound on the area.

Steady Aim: Since I'm hiding behind a perimeter, I'm hoping that I'll have this 20% damage bonus all the time.

Archery: I plan to go dual hxbows, so +10% criticals should be helpful.

Custom Engineering: The key to the build. Double duration on Jagged Spikes, Contagion, and Vigilant Watcher.
seems like a decent build. i would probably switch mfd for vault/smokescreen because its going to be impossible to always keep 100% of mobs behind this "perimeter". there are telephoning mobs, wallers (that create giant walls around you so u cant run away, and there might be some mobs immune to slows all together, also if you are feared or any other from of cc it may move you to a position where you are no longer protected by your perimeter. would just give the build a little more utility. i would also work preparation into the build if i were you. just not sure what i would remove. would allow you to restore your discipline instantly if you need to set down a new line of caltrops in a hurry. if you were set against using vault/smokescreen then i would at the very least replace mfd with preparation.
I like it, I would prolly toggle between marked for death and vault, cause honestly it's just a really fun and good evasion skill that I like. But yeah my build will be similar assuming that the later abilities are up to par with how they read. Also from my experience in beta bola shot seems better especially for large groups.
Excellent points. I avoided adding in vault because I didn't like how it felt in beta. Then again, I wasn't under nearly that much threat. Smokescreen is certainly something for me to consider, though.
I don't think you need custom engineering and vigilant watcher rune on your sentry. I just don't see you having too many battles that are going to be almost a min and a half long in the same area.

I'm also not sure that turning rapid fire, which is you single target damage skill, into a partial aoe is the best idea when you already have multishot. I think really any of the other runes for it would benefit you more.

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