Rafiki's Build

Witch Doctor
Good evening everyone. This is the build I am thinking of going for my main Witch Doctor who will be named Rafiki.


Active Skills

Zombie Charger with the Rune of Undeath as my main nuke spell. This should allow me strong single target damage that is able gets to the back of packs to destroy summoners. With that rune, it also grants me the ability to have upwards of three going at any given time, luck depending.

Acid Cloud with Kiss of Death as my main AoE. This spell should allow me to dispatch large groups of enemies at once. Since it is spamable, throwing three or four down won't be impossible creating large areas where enemies will be taking damage

Locust Swarm with Pestilence to toss out a few times at the beginning of a fight to ensure passive damage throughout. This should be especially effective in harder modes (inferno) where by having it on a number of enemies all at taking a bit of extra damage, the packs go down much quicker.

Hex with Jinx will be my crowd control spell. Fairly simple and straight foreword. As an extra bonus, it works to increase my damage done to enemies that are CC'd. The short cool down also makes it possible to have a nearly 100% uptime.

Soul Harvest with Siphon was, in the beta, way OP. I felt a need to incorporate such a huge boost to damage somewhere in the build. To further justify it, the rune allows for a massive 10,000 heal every 15 seconds

I wasn't a huge fan of Spirit Walk until I found the Honoured Guest Rune which allows for a 30% return in mana every 15 seconds. With that evocate-esque ability, the rest of my high mana cost build became possible. It also allows me to remove a CC any time I want. In the beta, enemies that could cast fear were highly annoying. This would help to take care of them.

Passive Skills

Bad Medicine: It's almost a given that some enemy, some time will get a chance to touch me. This passive, combined with my three posion-based primary attack spells ensures that when they do get close enough to this, that they hit like wet noodles.

Pierce the Veil because I like doing +20% damage. Don't player hate, that's just how it is. More damage is more fun. With the Spirit Walk rune, mana kind of becomes irrelevant anyway.

Fetish Sycophants: with Zombie Charger, Acid Cloud and Locust Swarm there will be a high chance of this procing. I don't know how good one of those "dagger wielding fetishes" will be, but even if they do 10% of my damage, that could be a huge boost to my overal damage.
i feel like you will be running out of mana but i have no proof behind it
First of all, +10 internet points, awesome name.

The only issues i see are the potential mana issues against bosses/champion packs, i would suggest swapping one of your damage spells for something cheaper, or grab spirit barrage and either horrify or mass confusion in place of hex.

With those changes you could grab the rush of essence passive which should solve your oom issue. Alternatively you could just swap out pierce the veil for something else, in which case the mana return from spirit walk might be enough.
I would probally take a gargantuan also. Seems to me like they will be quite useful in keeping hostiles away from you. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#SeZjkT!ZdY!aaabac
I went with those cause i want to keep them away from me while they all die slowly. AoE snare+haunt+locust swarm? Sounds amazing to me. Wall of zombies because i figured it would work like a bone wall from a necro in D2 and would help me not get touched often.
You are a baboon and I am not.

That said, this build is going to be severely mana starved, especially with Pierce the Veil. Also, I don't think you're going to get as much ability spam for those Sycophants as you think you are. You really need more mana regen; maybe a Primary spell runed for it (which will result in far more Sycophant procs).
I love Hex, and think it fits well in the build to help deal more damage. But I agree that a spammable mana regenerating spell, like Corpse Spiders or Firebomb or Poison Darts (all long range) would help when Spirit Walk is on Cooldown. And I think Locust Swarm and Acid Cloud might provide the same role, passive damage and a proc to Bad Medicine. Just my opinion :)
after 10 seconds you will be like....wtf...where is my mana....

also, no slow and no pets....not sure how long you will survive

to summarize...if you planing to have 0 mana 0 health WD ...you got a perfect build
thats funny cause my witch doctors name is rafiki
ahh crap... how do i change names?

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