Build ( Nice Single and Aoe Dmg)

Plz, tell me what you think about this build.!dYU!aZbcba Barbarian!1100 FOLLOWERS

I did it for a Nice DMG with Great LIFE STEAL when u DIEING and NO FURY spend while you are 20% low HP.

For solo HELL and INFERNO.

Plz, talk me what did u not like or u change in this build.
Because one of them is REND = no spam fury spender , is only used 3 secs.

Another reasion when i get 20% HP, i can burst dmg so hard and up the HP , using in spam HAMMER FOR THE ANCIENTS with REND. i can heal self a lot .. Using Ignore Pain i get 23% life steam and use the EarthQuake = FULL Life again -).
^This. It's fine to have two fury spenders as long as they are distinctly for different situations. (Though I would swap lacerate for mutilate in this case)

I doubt his will bea ble to solo inferno though, given that it contains no way to seperate enemies/keep them at bay. And an overall lack of mobility skills. I'd definitley drop earthquak and battle rage, swap aroudn the passives, adn do a bit of change-up on some runes.

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