Maniac Rune (Frenzy) useless?

So, frenzy after getting to 5 stacks has 175% to attack speed. At 110% damage this comes out to:

110% * 175% = 192.5% base DPS

Add in maniac, adn you can stack Damage up to +20%, so a total of 130% damage:

130% * 175% = 227.5% base DPS

But, if you take the sidearm skill, then every single hit you make (keeping in mind frenzy makes you hit FASTER) has a 25% cahnce to throw out another 110% damage, so you get the base 192.5% DPS from frenzy, plus (assuming the axe hits only ONE target):

110% * 175% * 25% = 48% additional base DPS

Added to the frenzy DPS this gets

192.5% 48% + 240.5% base DPS


So, if Sidearm can deal more single target DPS than Maniac (240% vs 227.5%).
AND sidearm can potentialy (and likely) deal additional damage through AOE.
AND also siderm effectively hits 25% more than maniac, triggering on hit effects more often (If you are using frenzy over bash, it's probably because you want to trigger on-hit effects more often)...

then why would anyone use Maniac? There doesn't seem to be any direct flat damage reduction in this game, is there anything i'm missing here?

Edit: Nevermind, I immediatly answered my own question (Right after hitting post, of course), the 20% damage bonus probably also applies to other skills you use.
One thing is that perhaps sidearm does not hit your target but must hit a different one giving Frenzy an AOE ability.

However i think the important thing to look at is that Maniac increases damage by 4% not just frenzy damage. If you take into account that frenzy + other AS increasing skills generates lots and lots of fury to spam say Hammer of the Ancients often the 4% MIGHT be worth it if you look at the total build. However i suck at math so i cant back it up with numbers, but maybe just a thought.
This seems like the same kind of thing as the Wiz's death blossom... Huge damage but not "all enemies affected" AoE, and not much control. I think frenzy + maniac will be used to really crank against single targets. I'm thinking late game champions getting single out and stunned/slowed/etc while othe classes do more AoE.

This type of skill/build seems, to me, to be the answer to tanking very fast, hard hitting champs that will just decimate caster classes.
Are you sure the maniac rune doesnt stack multiplicatively?
i.e. 110%*175%*120%=231%
Instead of additionally as you proclaimed in your post? Thats the way blizz usually does this stuff if I'm not mistaken because it simply makes the math easier for them, they dont have to keep track of what gets added first and then multiplied by the attack speed. With the multiplication approach any permutation of %AS and %AD yields the same result

I agree with hammerheels, there needs to be more than one target in proximity for sidearm to proc, where the target from which the sidearm comes from is not hit.
^I'm not sure. Damage *tends* to stack additively in blizz games, but I accounted for the possibility of multiplactive stacing and found 231% is still less than 240%, thus I ommited it.

About the axe needing a second target, you may be correct.

I'l probably still find myself dual wielding with frenzy and hunting for a %chance freeze/slow/stun/whatever weapon

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