ISo WD to finish 4 man grp

Witch Doctor
iso of an insanely good player to reach 60 with minimal breaks starting from game release, please reply to this thread if interested, comp will consist of barb, monk, Dh, Wd. Will check back regularly, current 3 players will be using skype and we are all located EST.
Wow, this is the funniest response I've ever seen. You basically begged dude. Good fun

I'm so interested it's not even funny; what do you mean by "minimal" breaks exactly, if I may ask ? Marathon to 60, I get it, but can I take some time for the girlfriend if need arises

Hilarious, although it begs to question; Is this statement really about your girlfriend? From reading your response I have concluded that your 21-31, and you live with your parents. Also that this statement reflects your mothers needs that you attend to.

As for "insanely good player", I've played D2 since release on and off, and was pretty active on D2JSP forums for Uber runs a while back. Played WoW as a 3x Gladiator over the course BC-WotLK (Surv or MM Hunter)

You have way to much time on your hands. Damn dude go see a movie or go get some drinks at a bar. Also, after reading your response. I have concluded that you weigh approximately 250-310 pounds. Your name, MegaMooMoo alludes to the fact that you are over weight. Your name, although Ironic, was a name, your fellow classmates would call you in school. You call yourself that because it is the%@*@utic. Once you were called MegaMooMoo and would get beat up. Now its MegaMooMoo's chance to turn the tides and beat up on everyone else....I get it, I see you.

Not sure I'll be able to use Skype to talk starting at 3AM EST (people sleeping), but I can definitely use it to listen until people wake up.

Man... this as well points to some crucial facts. 1. You have no job. 2. There is possibly no way you have a job when you put this much time in one sitting for diablo. 3. You can't possibly have a girlfriend because any woman would break up with you for spending THAT much time on a game. There is probably a whole list of things she wants you to do that you do not do.
Also I see that your mother is abusive. You are afraid of the consequences if you wake her up at 3am. This is why you will not talk. You have learned your lesson. You are scared of her, but you need her. Since you are currently unemployed, she pays for the DSL used to keep you connected.

Really like the comp, too.

This is not a dating website. You are telling him your favorite things. You really like the comp? What? You must also like long walks across your room to get some more cheetos.


oh, the irony
Yeah prety much no uneeded breaks, we will break for food, stretching and the such but very minimal for the first 48 hours or however long it takes us to reach 60. once 60 we will break or continue to farm hell to prep for inferno depending on what the group wishes to do

Love the trolls, do you have nothing better to do than insult other people.
yeah we will break occasionally but if you stop and we continue no way you'll catch up, lmk
sounds good, do you have WoW, if so please send me in game mail to my rogue from there we will swap real id info
After reading "Youtried" 's post I have concluded he is, in fact, a lonely douchebag

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