best energy drink to keep me awake during D3

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hey guys,
I was wondering what the tastiest and best energy drink there is for when playing diablo 3. I want to stay up all night while playing. I need something strong.

Monster, Red Bull? Which brand is the best
Try water and poweraide, It works best, energy drinks make you crash. Or you can try some naturals like Green Tea, white tea and other supplements.
none of the above, those things crash you after a few hours. it's better to just have a coffee or soda, less crash but still get a little boost.
Try looking into the eyes of Diablo himeself.
If that doesn't work, I'd recommend a full nights' sleep, then playing the next day.
I like Starbucks Energy Drinks, Monster (the coffee flavored one...forgot the name), Amp (the original flavor), and Red Bull. Since energy drinks inherently dehydrate, make sure you drink plenty of water or something with electrolytes to re-hydrate the body during gaming sessions :)
Energy drinks will actually probably make you more tired, and feel !@#$ty to boot, when you crash.
Can't really say whats the best, I LOVE RED BULL!!! thats just my choice of drink, and ya, your gonna crash from them if you drink to many. I plan to drink one, and drink pop or gatorade the rest of the night.
Honestly, 5 hour energy. Low volume of liquid and decent "up" powers.

However, some people find the actual act of picking up a drink and drinking it to be more satisfying than a shot. It's similar to smokers needing something in their mouths/fingers.
Monster Absolute Zero. 0 calories, 0 sugar. And its delicious, Itll keep ya going.
tbh diet pills will give you the most energy boost with the added benefit of not having chug down those disgusting energy drinks.
honestly just get good rest, better than droning like a zombie on caffeine where you're so dead tired but you can't sleep

But if i had to drink one it'd be the rockstar energy hydration ones
5 hour is very effective.

Noz tastes the best.
just drink water.
The main ingredient in energy drinks that help keep you awake is the b12.
You can get b12 vitamins and they will get you ampd up better than caffeine pills and most energy drinks.
But... if u want something to drink instead of taking a pill... i suggest you go to your local 7-11 store. They are the only store i have ever seen that carry the "Spike" energy drink. That one can has 33,333% DV of b-12.
Those are the ones i drink. And they are the best out there. I drink alot of energy drinks so i know whats good and whats not.
Here is a list of my top drinks.
#1 Spike energy drink- only sold at 7-11
#2 Spike energy shot- just like 5 hour energy but A LOT better. also only at 7-11
#3 Redbull
#4 Monster extra shot..or something like that... in a smaller can than 16oz
#5 Rockstar dbl str

Good luck. Hope you have a 7-11 cuz that spike drink is the shiz.
Adderal. :)

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