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Anyone who actually owns a high performance or gaming laptop would KNOW there´s help from the cooling pads, in my experience my laptop runs about 10 degrees cooler with the pad, and no it doesn't have any dust or any other excuse. (has an amd video card).

And btw of course a desktop is better but grownups don't stay at home all day like little kids.
whether you need a cooling pad or not depends heavily on the laptop. My laptop, for example, would heat up too much and would dramatically drop from 100fps to around 3 on almost any game. Then i got a cooling pad and it never happens anymore, i honestly don't have any temperature readings so i can't say what the difference is, but it's helped a lot.
To those of you who are saying "get a desktop" guess what? I have one and it runs D3 great! The laptop is for gaming at work during downtime.
I use a cookie cooling rack. This is not a joke. It lowers my temps consistently by five to ten degrees.
I've never understood why people fight about laptop vs desktop. They're for two different purposes. There's not really a competition between the two. It is understood that when you get a laptop, you're paying extra for the convenience of moving the computer around wherever and whenever you like. This isn't a moral or political stance.
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Benchmark. You linked 1. 1 poorly documented benchmark. Different laptops deal with heat differently. It's really not out of the realm of reasonable thought to think that perhaps maybe Tash doesn't have a laptop that natively cools as well as the one in the test.

sorry, an actual benchmark > some random dude pullling out random numbers from his behind.

as he stated, he went from 8~90 to 70.. 20 degrees is simply bull.

Actually, you don't know what you're talking about. He has said he re-pasted his heatsink. Ontop of that someone with some knowledge will understand putting a self made vent on the ram(NOT random access memory, but optical port side) side and flipping the fan to push out over a heatsink(on many boards) can greatly increase airflow on most standard HP and DELL laptops. I have an I720qm which runs 70-80c before modifications to my laptop, i didnt require a cooling pad to drop it from 80 high to 60 max.. 63c was my max temp and i run a monitor anytime I use the laptop. Someone who understands how important paste + airflow can be, can infact increase a heatsinks efficiency immensely. You're probably one of those fools that have like 5 fans and 2-3 are blowing air in as opposed to a single in from a cool area (which would typically be front of a case or dvd ram port.)

You're clearly one of those people that think they know everything about computers. So why argue? I bet you're still one of those ones that believe the metal type doesn't matter either eh?

Point is you can have a cooling pad, it will typically only drop it 10c max. However, if you have a little knowledge on how airflow can effect cooling. Then, you could infact drop it immensely. You'll never drop it to the point where it runs at 40-50c max load(unless you understand how to use a filtered funnel to push airflow) Most laptop pads just suck in the hotair that was already pushed out, which does not cool down the air effectively. with 3 carbine filters and SMART ventilation you can easily drop 20c on many laptops. However some laptops have such efficient(mostly ASUS EMACHINE/ACER/GATEWAY) cooling built in on the laptop already. You can have an HP run at 80c and an Acer which runs at 60c, because the airflow design was much much better.
they all suck, at the very best, you can pbly shave off 2~3 degrees celsius, which is nothing if your laptop already runs at 70.

Completely untrue. My laptop used to run at around 80-90c depending on what kinda game I was playing.

So I bought a coolmaster u3, which is nice because u can position the fans as you like to align with the air intakes on ur laptop. I also repasted my cpu and gpu (which also helped a lot).

Anyway, with the cooling pad on high, I almost never go over 60c. Which is a rather significant improvement from high 80s.

20 degrees? that's bull.

Check out actual benchmarks..

wow, according to that benchmark it looks like turning your fan off cools down your laptop... who wouldn't trust logic like that?
well. share with the rest of us if you have any positive experience and feedback about a specific product, cause I've tried at least 3 different cooling pads and they were all low quality made in china waste of 40 bucks with weak fans and stupid design that claims to support up to 17 inch yet it's actually a bit smaller and blocks the grill underneath my laptop. my 3 speed fan facing my laptop does 3 times better !
you are so right, the build up of dust in your vents will def kill it. I had to have my motherboard replaced because the thermal liquid burned off and dust weighed down the fan a bit. when the tech came to replace it, he told me to clean the vents while it was off. i gave it a good cleaning, the compressed air will only get so much off.

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rofl whats a gaming laptop besides a waste of money. Get a desk top

Step into the future dude, laptops are good for gaming these days.

cooling pads are nice and really do help, so does repasting like someone else mentioned.
But the biggest thing I found was cleaning the dust stored in the fan grills. Not just by blowing compressed air in there, but actually unscrewing the laptop, taking them out, and looking behind what you can't see from the outside. A ton of dust builds up on the inside there and drastically kills the cooling power of the fans.

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