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Hi, new to the Diable universe and before D3 comes out I wanted to catch up on the lore so I won't be entirely lost. I went to go pick up D3: Book of Cain and right next to it was almost another dozen books from Diable and Diablo 2. Now since I can't read that many books in 8 days can anyone tell me which ones are a MUST read, and in which order? Or does Book of Cain sum everything up enough by itself?

Thanks in advance!
Book of Cain sums everything up enough by itself :)
Thanks! /back to bookstore
But... are there any other titles that are exceedingly good? :)
The sin war books are MUST READ.
There is:
Book #1: The Birthright
Book #2: The Scales of the Serpent
Book #3: The Veiled Prophet

They details all the events across the sin wars, including the dark exile, the pact betweem heaven and hell, the worldstone, the soulstones, nephalem, Trag'oul, the void, Lilith, Uldyssyan, undead, Angiris Council, etc.

I didn't read Book of cain yet, but im pretty sure those books are more detailed and interesting read than it. However, i DO recommend read Book of cain as well, since it depicts new stuff and alters other stuff. besides, it has awesome pics.

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