Why Barbarian?

For me is just simply the way the class is designed.. get up close and personal and bash the $%#& out of demons and make a bloody mess of things in the process.. Played the beta on open weekend and had the most fun (by far) on the barb..
no kiting, no running, just nonstop carnage.. I really think that when lvl 60's start getting maxed out in top end gear, barbs will become the class that everyone who didnt roll one will have wished they had..
I will play one because the other melee class wears anal beads on his neck.

And of course all the face smashing. Seems the least squishy class based on options. Mainly thought processed around Inferno since I am an item !@#$%.
I forgot to add, Dual Scythes.
I'm sure I will, but with each flea will be the reminder that I have to come face to face with them again.

Meanwhile some wizard climbs a tree, a demon hunter becomes the prey, and the monks will aid the witch doctors become actual doctors to provide band aids for their boo boos.
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To say it bluntly for me, they are literally a walking tank and ball of destruction.
The utterly retarded amount of manliness.
Why the Barbarian?

Well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nrCvjg6nsI
Why? Because I played it in D2.
I always like playing a class that is hard to kill so the barb was my first choice. I also like to be able to smash things with a 2-hander once in a while. You can make a monk impossible to kill but he can't smash things like a barb. :)
I really enjoyed the Barb style of play in the Beta, also I love melee classes.

The attacks feels and look awesome, it was really satisfying to make demons explode from cleaving, using Hammer of the Ancients felt so powerful. And just running into the fray and smashing everything. That's my style just go and beat the living hell out of everything.
The barbarian looks the best throughout the game. Other classes just didn't get me going like the barbarian did.


You should be able to choose sex/class on the site.
After playing the beta it was one of the classes I had the most fun with. The other was the monk.
playing with friends so imma run in smash stuff and if i die imma blame them :)
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I've always played a melee toon because I think all ranged classes are !@#$%^s. It takes zero skill to hit and run, while melee have to get to their target and overcome obstacles. Barb for life.
You will hit and run in Inferno, you can count on it. Maybe not as much as other classes, I'll give you that.

No kidding, gonna be interesting to see which classes scale well with the first rare mob packs in Inferno and what strategies work with what.

But on topic, Barb just looks to beast mode in the beta and PVP vids to not try out the first time around in D3.
Think you mean 2x1h Sickles not 2h Scythes...GG

No, I did mean dual Scythes or even Dual Reapers. Especially with a char named Azrael.

I like to charge in and smash things more than other playstyles usually. Its about as simple as that.
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You will hit and run in Inferno, you can count on it

NEVER! ill stand my ground and die like a man!... er... Barb!

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