Why WD?

Witch Doctor
insect swarm
The WD's strength is in controlling the battle. Barbarians smash and tank, Monks hit fast and heal, Wizards blow things up, and Demon Hunters flip around while shooting. Witch Doctors don't have great escape mechanisms, they don't necessarily have the best damage output, and they're not that great at defensive techniques.

What we can do is thin the crowd, spread out mob damage amongst our pets, turn enemies against each other (or into chickens), and wear down the crowds with multiple DoTs while staying on the move.

That said, pretty much every class looks fun to me. Though I'll be maining my WD I will still be playing all 5 classes to 60.

Pretty much this, i see WD as an easy class to play further down the difficulties because of the control he has.
I will make him my choice for may 15th and my main char, but i DO look forward to playing other 4 heroes!
And WD is the closest thing to Necro who doesnt like pets and DEATH?

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