Are minions going to be viable in inferno?

Witch Doctor
The reason I ask is because I recall summoning necromancers weren't all they great in hell. At least not until you geared up quite a bit and even then against bosses minions just shattered.

Is it going to be similar for the witch doctor or are his minions going to be more potent?
Let me break out my crystal ball to find out.


Yea its not working, ill get back to you later..
They don't seem very strong unless you rune them appropriately for burst damage. I'm planning on using them more for cc than for dps.
As I understand it, the WD's pets are primarily intended to buy him some breathing room and time for his DoTs to work. Their damage coefficients are pretty low. Until we see how high their defense and hp pools go, as well as how well they maintain aggro, it's impossible to say how effective they'll actually be at higher difficulties.

However, Bashiok has said that he considers petless builds to be harder, so keep that in mind.
I think they will be viable in Inferno....IF you do the maximum synergy to keep them alive.

like this!dcZ!aacYba

and of course you will need inferno quality gear too.
"outlook hazy, try again later"
You'll need to be able to proc slows and stuns too.

WoZ+Unrelenting grip, CS+Medusa spiders, MC+Mass Hysteria, Soul Harvest+Languish, Haunt+Grasping Spirit, and Grasp all have slow/stuns, one or more should all be considered to be included in a build in some way.

Horrify fears and can help buy time if needed. One rune can buff armor as well.

PoT+addling toads can confuse, but I am not a fan of PoT.

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