Did you request off work the 15th?

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I told my boss I need to save the world. Need 15-20th off. He said you only need 4 days so I have to work tues/wed. :(
Time off? Why? I just talked my boss into getting D3 as well. We'll be playing during lunch.
Didn't have to...

I work a 4 day on 4 day off schedule...12 hour shifts.

Just so happens as of the 15th I am done work at 6am for 4 days.

But I still have a wife and kids to contend with.
05/08/2012 05:01 PMPosted by Powerforged
requested the 15th and 16th off and got it, no questions asked.

Well i will be at work, but sense I own the place ill be in my locked office doing "paperwork, do not disturb" for about 18 hours, then go home and log back in :D
I took off the 15th, 16th, and 17th. I write the schedule for my department, so...instant win. xD
I wasnt considering taking off work for diablo 3 until I read this thread. thanks for the inspiration y'all!
I agree with ForsakenHero.

I run an online business so I can't completely take the days off, but I just have to check my email every 30-60 minutes and do the sales tasks for each day and maintenance stuff and then I'm good. I plan to work 1-4 hours per day that week.

I'm more worried about sleeping, I don't know when I will fit in time to sleep.
I'm taking the 16th off, i figure i would get more time to play that way.
I'm taking the 15th, maybe 16th off.

All it took was putting it on my calendar.
Doing all of my homework ahead of time and pulling an all-nighter, still going to class but finals aren't until a week later.
got that week nothin happening just regular ups stuff so no big deal
I told my work I need the 15th and 16th off for graduation from university which isn't totally a lie either... I graduate this Friday!!! My brain is going to be pickled for like a week, should be fun playing D3 lol
2 weeks off taking my vacation. 14-29th but i gotta go to school :( but only for 3hrs
Work Agro: I am a Relief Teacher so "Im already booked today sorry" Is my free day off whenever I want it!

Girlfriend Agro: I have taken her out on three "Budget" Dates (Truly brilliant concept) this week so I should be have no issues come 6 days time! I plan an sneaking in a couple of extra "treats" Monday night and Ill simply get something delivered too her on the Tuesday or Wednesday and I'll be set for weeks!! :P
yea took the 15, and the rest of that week as well :)
I requested a week off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


see you at login
Seeing as I'm on SSD and technically getting paid off your tax money, I don't have to ask for time off, but then again, Can i have time off pretty please even though seeing as im disabled and cant work i dont work anyways XD
Or the week of the 15th?

Yes or no and then tell us what exactly you told your boss or if you work somewhere where all you did was request it off on a calender of some sort.

Finally, tell us if you got it off, if you still have to work, or if it's still pending.

Me personally? I called my boss this evening and said "I was wondering if you could get one of the other guys to cover for me next Tuesday, I have an important, once in a lifetime family event going on that day". Which isn't entirely a lie because me AND my parents will all be playing that afternoon/evening.

Anyhow, he told me to text him tomorrow so he would ask a couple others if they could cover for me, so it's still pending.

I'll post here again tomorrow with the outcome! :P

Took the whole week off...

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