Did you request off work the 15th?

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This is the one time blizzard gave me a break i always get Tuesdays off and normally that's spent sad that i cant play wow that night. Now i get to play d3 all day =]
15th and 16th.......
oh yeah i got the 15th off and paid ;) . told my boss im helping my grandpa paint...pretty good excuse since he asked me to like 3 years ago n i never did. ha
Yep, used paid time off. Don't have to give a reason.
Spring semester just finished for me, and I don't start my first summer class until May 29th. Thanks to my outstanding GPA I get plenty of loan/grant money which I live off of, so no job to worry about. For two full weeks the only thing I'll have to worry about is hitting 60 and getting my handicap back down to scratch again. MUAHAHAHA... yaujelly.
In Canada, the 21st is a civic holiday. Therefore, I get a paid day off for that day.

I ended up taking Friday the 18th off so that I could have a four day weekend to enjoy the game. Hopefully my CE gets here from Walmart in time. If it doesn't I will just buy a digital edition and give the CE game key to my brother.
My Manager, and 7 other people from my work play Blizz games and know the release of Diablo is that day so No. I mean technically if i wanted it off I couldve but honestly, waste of vacation time. I try and save vaca for actual vacations. But anyway, I find doing something i want to do much much sweeter when i dont have all the time in the world to do it if that makes sense.
I went in to my boss last week to ask to take 2 days paid vacation for the 15th and the 16th. Turns out he had been about to call me in for a talk on not using up my saved paid vacation (I'm over 100 days, I guess that's "bad"), and requested that I take the rest of the week off as well. Guess always showing up and covering other people's shifts paid off, whew.
i only work weekends so ha! ill have plenty of time to play
05/08/2012 08:10 AMPosted by Deckard
Bash, noooo! What happened to your female barbarian SnuSnu??

I will now be playing the resident female barbarian. Her name is Cleavage.

Oh, and PS -

Of course she does. Lylirra and I are bros.

/obligatory brofist
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/obligatory brofist
/brofist returned.
I don't have work on the 15th, SWAG
lol. I booked the week off. What did I tell my boss? I want me some vacation.

Since I get 4 weeks and am in a union, that's all i had to tell him.
Took the 15th and 16th as vacation. Will be nice to get paid to play.
being unemployed is so much better

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