Did you request off work the 15th?

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pending 3 days off
No official days off. Might stay out of the office all day. Then go eat lunch at work. Then back out of the office I go.
Nope, Tuesday-Friday is my weekend already.
I took a week off starting the tenth. I'm leaving on the tenth to drive 12 hrs to spend a few days with Momma Morfeeus for Mothers day. Driving back on the 14th and should be back home in time to take a 4 hr powernap to be rdy for the servers coming online. Don't have to be back at work until the 18th.
Woohoo!!! Just got revised schedule today and I have-

the 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20th off!!! SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't need to..School just let out and I m not taking classes til Fall Sem. I have alll summer... muwah haha...
I'm taking tuesday and wednesday off, and I already have thursday, friday and saturday off. So that means I get to play monday night/tuesday early AM when the game launches, all the way until sunday afternoon when I have to leave for work.

I requested quite a bit of leave en route to a new military installation... So, no I didn't ask for leave, but my request did take into consideration the release date.
yes i requested off
Berevement...and no i didnt lie, my social life dies may 15th, R.I.P
meh i work nights so when 12oclock hits im heading my happy !@# to gamestop and picking up my ce then back to work close the store and by the time i get home and get it loaded it should be about time for the servers to be up <in kansas. really shouldnt take to long to load unless there are big patches. then ill be playing everynight as my gf works days and i do not. prolly a when i get up in the afternoon aswell. :)
I tried to pre-call in Dead from the 15th till the 30th. They asked why I was gonna be Dead.. I said... well... ummm Diablo 3 is coming so I will be semi-Dead or in a Zombie state for a few days :) they didnt go for it... I still have to work. BUT !!!! It was a good try, made them Laff and they are working on it so I may be able to take a few days off !!!
I took a week off, but I got fired for smoking the wacky tobbacky about a week ago. Still not sure if that's a good thing or bad.
i got the 16 17 18 of and don't work sat and sun i do road construction and i run a roller so there was no way i was telling them i was taking time off work for a game. i told them was going to visit some family, but it worked so i am going to geek out for 5 whole days. My wife already knows whats up. She is really going to visit the family the following week so i can have more time to play i love life. i have been waiting 6 years for this and the day is almost here. i have not played another video game for like 2 weeks. i told my friends that i am saving myself for when d3 comes out
I have all week off, was only going to have to work Weds and Thurs anyways.
Told them I wouldn't be in because of Diablo 3.

3 other guys I work with also wanted to take days off... having seniority pays off over and over :D
Called out for 4 days (15th-19th): 'impending surgery requires my full attention'. I'm so glad to see other people are calling out too xD
I got six weeks of vacation this year. So I took 3 weeks off... Sounds bad but after launch my sleep cycle will be way messed up. Planing to wake up 15 mins before servers go live and have a 24 gaming session. Thank god for red bull... LOL
im so focked. i have graduation rehearsal the day of the 15th and it's mandatory to attend. mandatory. unless i just decide to not show up..
I could take the day off.. but I actually like my job. Diablo3 ain't going anywhere. I'll play it on my lunch break, then again when I get home from the gym.
15th falls on my regular day off :) im pacing myself with D3 so i can enjoy it more so no additional time off. Have years to play! Why rush it?

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