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Just been pouring over the forums as a lot of people have been in our wait for the 15th of May and all I seem to see is people posting builds for end game content etc.

Personally I think this is a waste of time as we don't know how things are going to turn out when we hit level 60. Whether one rune will be better then another, what our cc's are going to be like, and how hard inferno is really going to be etc.

So I have thought that it would be good to start a thread about builds for leveling as this would seem to be a better idea until people are actually reaching those high levels. i will be going in lots of 10 just uptil level 30 where people will be starting to head into nightmare and would need to pay a bit more attention to defensive ability's etc.

I have only given this builds some quick thoughts so please feel free to critique.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#aZXY!a!aa - Level 10

Bash (Clobber rune): I chose this over cleave because i think that for now hammer of the ancients is enough AoE for me. I chose the clobber rune as although it removes the knockback it gives a chance for the 1.5 second stun at a higher proc rate (20% without rune utpto 35%)
Hammer of the ancients (Rolling thunder rune): Gives me a bit of AoE and with the rolling thunder rune means i can hit those casters/range that are just out of melee range.
leap: Just a way to get out or into combat quickly, generates some fury. just all around good move
Ground stomp: Its just a bit of help if you do get over whelmed. a 4 second stun to everyone in 12 yards can give you that chance to pick up some health orbs or just get out of the middle of a pack.
Pound of flesh (passive): this doesnt really matter at these low levels, i just like knowing i don't have to worry to much about my health but ruthless would work well as well.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#aZXYVh!ZY!aaaZa - level 20

Bash, hammer of the ancients, leap and ground stomp for the same reasons stated before (iron impact for leap and wrenching smash for ground stomp runes just help a bit with the controlling/defensive side of the moves)
Revenge(Vengeance is mine): I just like this an extra aoe move even though it only has a chance to proc and all the rune which can help a lot with health regen
Whirlwind: I just chose this as another fury dump, also its a good aoe to use when surrounded since revenge only has a chance to proc and hammer of the ancients is for targets infront of you. You could put weapon throw or seismic slam in but i personally just love the thought of spinning around and destroying everything around you.
Ruthless (passive): i swapped out pound of flesh for this as i think revenge and normal health orbs will be enough regen in normal and the increased crit can make up for it. if you find yourself getting really low a lot you can swap it back in.
Weapons master (passive): This seemed like an obivous choice for me, a decent damage increase no matter what type of weapon you are using.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ahXYVi!ZYW!aZZZaa - Level 30

I have gotten rid of hammer of the ancients and put whirlwind in its place with hurricane rune for the mobility
I have then put battle rage with marauders rage rune in where i originally had whirlwind for the 30% damage increase and increased crit chance. You can pretty much have this up non stop in combat. Also whirlwind and revenge should be enough AoE in most situations
My third passive is animosity just for more fury so more time spent spamming my fury spenders. If at this point there is a lot of damage going out you can swap out any of the passives for pound of flesh or blood thirst for increased health regen.

Again this is all for normal so i havnt put much though into defense apart from the stuns/leap. This is just the way i would like to play, if you wont to do a full defensive barb or wepon throw barb then this wouldnt be for you but neither of the 2 really appeal to me. i would only attempt a defense barb for group play and come on, who doesnt want to just run into a group of demons are crush them with whirlwind and leap in and out of combat like a boss?
For level 10, my build is very similar, only swapped out Hammer for Rend.

My level 20 build is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#aWXYVg!cY!a.aZa

I get rid of Rend and pick up Threatening shout. Frenzy is well worth it as once you have it stacked, the speed stays in place for 6 sec, allowing you to get extra bashes in. Also I would go for the higher DPS on Rage since you should be a near max fury most of the time except for the occasional Rend (which does not stack, only resets counter if spammed). Likewise I would take Weapons Master to get the DPS, I would be Sword/Sword.
With both Rage and Weapons Master that should get you a 55% damage bonus.

My level 30 build is http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WaXYig!cYX!ZaabaZ

I now get rid of Revenge, for Battle Rage (Marauder's) for the extra damage, bringing the Damage bonus up to 85%. Ground stomp gets Trembling (unless it removes the stun). Threatening gets Falter added to it. This will hold me until level 45 at which point I swap Inspiring Presence for Brawler, bringing my damage up to 105% (if I have 3 enemies near).

My next change would be at level 51 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WUXYig!cYg!YbabaZ
I put Smite rune on Frenzy. I then dump Bash for Sprinting Marathon (this is my swappable slot for WotB or if something else would make better sense)
From here on I am just modifying runes.
in Diablo, 1-10 will be the easiest lvls you get, once you past ten builds become more important

Here is my lvl 10-20 build that i will be using

This is upgrade for lvl 20-30

let go higher 30-40

finally 40-60

Now this build is set to my playstyle and my preferences in skills. Once you hit the 40-60 range you have to understand that there may be some challenges with certain mobs that your build is weak against and so you will need to change it up to clear that challange and move on. So never look at your builds as set in stone because if you do Hell and Inferno will spit you right out.
This is my leveling build for normal:

Personally I fell in love w/ Cleave and the Rupture rune on beta so I would definitely choose it over Bash early on, but the builds look pretty solid besides that imo.
Mighty fine choice good sir
Yeah I'm liking what I see here. I was not fortunate enough to get into Beta, but looking forward to applying what I see here.

Yeah I must say i will probably swap in cleave sometimes, but i like knowing i have the single target damage from bash.


Frenzy does look pretty nice, but i like the chance to stun with bash when you have the clobber rune, it just gives that extra element of control to the fight. I may try out frenzy when game goes live just to see how to compares for the single target stuff like bosses, but i wouldnt go for the max fury guild. Just doesnt appeal to me. i like the look of whirlwind and other fury spenders to much.
thanks to everyone for their ideas. here's one that i just did for level 20 fits my playstyle


i'll start by saying that i'm planning on grouping quite a bit, so i'm building more tanky than most people here seem to be.

i take both frenzy and cleave because i mainly want to aoe tank big packs of minions, but i also want that attack speed increase for bosses and big single target fights. plus, i want to be able to rend every single time it's up.
rend is for fury dump, aoe damage, threat builder, and life regen.
leap with iron impact is just sweet. makes you tankier, allows for quickly entering/exiting big packs, or jumping to the rescue of ranged dps.
whirlwind for fury dump, aoe damage, threat builder, and because it's awesome.
threatening shout so that i don't die to all the minions i'm tanking.
passives are pretty self explanatory.

let me know what you guys think! i like how different each individual's build can be. the amount that you can play to your specific style is just great. thanks!

Personally id get rid of cleave, with rend and whirlwind you should be able handle most aoe packs. and put in maybe battle rage for a bit of extra damage which is always nice for whenever you are soloing and even when you're in a group because it just helps kill stuff quicker since things have more HP the more people in a group.
Or what i personally would do is replace cleave with revenge + vengence is mine rune for the hp regen since you want to go tanky (this will also help a lot with the fury regen since you would be getitng rid of cleave, a fury generator + the aoe). From what ive seen it also procs a lot with how many things are going to be hitting you as a tanky barb. i would then change your rend rune from blood lust to ravage, as 9% of damage done really wont be that much hp. The 8%of total hp regen from revenge would be so so much better. Also with the ravage rune you will be able to r each some of the people not quite in your melee range so it your build would end up more like
Sometimes its good to target a single target e.g a caster/rare so having bash can make that a lot easier.
hey vornis, thanks for the input. i guess i'm thinking that cleave with rupture will be my base attack. in order to do my job and hold mobs on myself i need to be doing a ton of aoe damage. i'm planning on very rarely playing by myself, more often than not i will be playing with 2-3 other people, so i feel confident that a little lower dps wont hurt me in the long run. obviously none of us have played the actual game yet, so there is a lot to test out. this is just my idea of an aoe tanking build.

i like your idea about the rend rune swap. after looking at it, you're right, i think that the hp regen there isnt really worth it. i love revenge, in theory, but im not sure how great it's going to be in practice. does it have no cd, and cost no fury? what will the average time be in between me being able to use it? these are questions i will need to answer after testing things out.

additionally, i have a question about the "not changing your build" buff. how does this work? i've only read vague descriptions of it, so i'm not sure if it's worth it to keep the same build as long as possible, or if occasional switching is going to be ok.
now that i look at it again, though, vornis, i really like the idea of putting revenge on my right click slot. that will allow me to never miss the chance to pop that sucker, and the damage+health regen should be miles ahead of cleave. though, the only thing i'm worried about is fury generation. i should have plenty with frenzy, leap, shout etc, but ww and rend take a fair amount. thoughts on that? i mean, it seems like it should be fine, but i'm not certain without actually testing this build out.
i just tried to augment this build for level 30, and i'm feeling like it scales nicely. here's what i came up with:


again, thoughts and opinions are appreciated. i guess ill have to see whether or not those defensive passives are necessary, but as of now i feel like you're better safe than sorry.
For the not changing your build buff, it doesnt come into effect untill level 60 where blizz wants people to try find one good build that works well and not change it so while leveling it will not be an issue. in a nut shell what it does is that every time you kill a champion/eite pack or boss you get one stack of the buff up to 5 i think. Each stack just increases the number of magic items you receive from killing things. Im not quite sure on the duration for this though.

Also for the fury regen, with the vengence is mine rune on revenge for every target hit (even better since revenge is an aoe) you get 5 fury, so again as youll be a tanky barb you are likly to have a fair number of mobs surrounding you so this should make up for the high costs of rend and ww. Also based on what ive seen/read revenge is no fury cost and you can just use it everytime it procs.

For the passives personally i would take out blood thirst and put in either inspiring presence because again i think % of total health heals will be a lot better compared to % of damage this is because, for example, say you have a weapon with 20 damage and use whirlwind which is 110% wepon damage you do 22 damage so 3% of that each hit is a lot less then even 1HP per hit (this is a bigger problem at lower levels and does not take in to account any damage buff etc). so id rather have 1% of my total hp every second from inspiring presence. Another one you could use could be animosity if you find you are still having fury problems.
Superstition doesn't look to bad either.
Good call making this thread. I'm chuckled myself at all the level 60 builds from people who haven't played past level 13.

I'll post some of mine up later.
yeah, i was debating about the passives, and i ended up with bloodthirst where i dont feel like i really need it. inspiring presence was another one on my list. if i find that fury generation is far outweighing usage i might switch it up and go with the 25% increased damage at full fury. though, i'll have to see what the generation is like when i'm actually playing.

thanks for the info about the buff. i'm happy to hear it wont be penalizing you for trying out different setups while leveling.

does it seem to anyone else that revenge is going to get nerfed at some point? i mean, it's a pretty ridiculously powerful skill, and among a large pack of minions it's going to be almost spammable for no fury cost (or with massive fury generation depending on your rune use).

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