Help... beta was hard.

I began fighting the final beta boss at level 7-9 ish, I can't really remember.... all I know is it was really hard and all I had was ray of frost and frost nova with a signature spell that seemed pretty worthless.

What should I do so I don't run into this 20-30 minute fight again. Any tips/specs advice for me to level the fastest?
obvious troll is obvious.
I struggled through the first half of my first playthrough of the beta

At the time, I had to extensively kite the hordes of shambling undead.

I remember almost dying to the superunique unburied in the tomb where you find leoric's crown.

But then the game became a cakewalk. Why? Because I found out I could wield a 2 handed axe that gave me +8 int.

Since all the damage in d3 is going to be based on weapon damage, make sure you have a good weapon equipped. I went through the first half of the beta with my freaking starting wand, wondering like an idiot why even basic zombies were taking a while to kill. Find yourself a good weapon, even if you have to buy it from the new tristam venders (it will service you until you get one in the wild).
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obvious troll is obvious.

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you pick up as many +XP items as you can early on you can be at a higher level by the time you reach the Skeleton King. My characters were usually level 8-10, also make sure you are switching your weapons. I saw many people in the beta fighting the skeleton king with their starting weapon of 3 DPS. You can wield almost any weapon try to get the highest DPS weapon you can equip.
get a better weapon

that's really all you had to do in beta.
I stopped reading at "beta was hard".
What...? Beta was easy...
It wasn't really hard its just I had only had a couple hours to experience it before the servers went down and it just took a lot of time the way I was playing it.
You know... I almost died..... no no I didn't. On the less humorous side in 2-4 weeks we're going to see ALOT of these threads. Because diablo 2 was pretty dang hard till you figured things out and actually learned and developed some decent tactics.

With Diablo 3 being slated with an even harder difficulty, crying will ensue.
D2 was amazing, I'm just not sure how to put my toon together.
just goes to show some gamers just aren't good and need the first act to be easy.
just goes to show some gamers just aren't experienced and need the first act to be easy.

It's not that I'm not good... Its that my spec / utilities made me feel highly under-powered. Have you tried wizard against Lich king at level 7? with only Frost nova and RoF? I went through like 20 health potions and it took like 30 minutes... F BOMB

edit - and sure I may not be experienced but I only had an hour or 2 to get through the thing. So I was trying to rush it, but thats not the point of this post. I'm looking for advice so it doesn't happen again on launch.
Wizard felt the most OP of any class in the entire game for the beta. Magic missile is free and good enough damage to kill the skel king with 0 problem by itself with the help of no other skill. Combine that with arcane orb and you are unstoppable for the beta content. Then at 9 you get wave of force that destroys entire rooms with a single click.

If all else fails, grind more.

Feels like a troll post.
If your problem was taking too long to kill SK, you didn't do much damage. Hence, you didn't have a very good weapon. Hence, get a better weapon, and your problem will be solved. Levels help, but Magic Missile could carry it easily so long as you had a decent damage output.
a) I kept default weapon, b) I felt very squishy for that long of a fight
It's all about weapons. I had horrible luck with drops when first playing a DH, and was level 6 or so before I got any ranged weapon drops at all; until then, I had to make do with the single starter hand-crossbow. The result was that the character was a complete gimp, and I had to kite like crazy to stay alive. As a wizard you can use almost any weapon, which means you shouldn't have that problem. Just use whatever weapon you find that deals the most damage. I ran around with a two-handed sword for some time in beta, and it was (and looked) awesome. I'm pretty sure you can use bows and stuff too. All spells scale with weapon DPS and you never actually use the weapon itself anyway, so at lower levels (<30) it doesn't really matter if you use a bow or a wand or a two-handed axe, as long as the DPS is good.

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It's not that I'm not good... Its that my spec / utilities made me feel highly under-powered. Have you tried wizard against Lich king at level 7? with only Frost nova and RoF? I went through like 20 health potions and it took like 30 minutes... F BOMB
Pick Shock Pulse as your signature, and you should be fine. Use that to clear the skeletons, spend your AP on raying the king, and use frost nova if the skeletons get troublesome or on the king to buy yourself some extra time to use ray on him.
nom nom nom nom troll food nom nom nom. Honestly, who is stupid enough to never switch out their weapon and then make a thread to cry about how long SK took?
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. Someone made a post about making a demon hunter for himself and a friend, every made all these posts with builds and he said he would talk to his friend about it until someone commented that he can just switch to whatever build he feels like based on the suggestions (or not) and he seems genuinely surprised.

And I felt like an idiot for not mentioning it!

The reality is it is entirely possible that many people will go through the game using their unique weapon types thinking those are the only ones they can use abilities with, or not realizing that skills are switchable on a whim, or what nephalim valor is, or a number of other things that seems like basic knowledge that really aren't.
When you play a character for the first time in a game like diablo... take your time, clear everything, loot everything, sell everything and prioritize Xp gear if you do not lose any deeps in the process, and bam, lvl 10 before even your first skeleton king kill atleast for me on the beta, and he didnt ever get me below 80% health, and i never potted.

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