Spirit Walk Viability?

Witch Doctor
Hi all, been reading through the WD forums for a while now, checking out build theories and the like... I've seen little to no discussions/builds that include spirit walk--

Seems like a flexible ability, decent gtfo potential.. what do you all think? Can I get some folks to weigh in on this and give me some clarity on this ability and its possibilities? Thanks!
I don't really have a full understanding of how spirit walk works, but to me it simply doesn't seem as useful as some of the doctor's other defensive abilities. He has decent crowd control with the summons, mass confuse seems solid (other than the long cooldown), and he also has hex and horrify. 2 seconds also isn't a very long time. It seems better if its runed where your body explodes to hurt people or when walking through people hurts them. If you are immortal during spirit walk, then it may be more useful.
Spirit Walk mechanics SEEM to be:

1. You instantly become invulnerable and untargetable by entering the spirit realm. (Also invisible to players in PVP)
2. At the same time a "dummy" you is placed that has 50% of your max life.
3. If the dummy dies, you pop out of the spirit realm.
4. If 2 (or 3 with [Jaunt]) seconds pass, you pop out of the spirit realm.

Currently no word on if it breaks CC/Dots and whether it can be used while under effects of CC.

Keep in mind this is not to be compared to Horrify or Mass Confusion, as those are Hard CCs. Spirit Walk is an escape ability. Can it replace CC in some builds? Yes. Can CC replace Spirit Walk in some builds? Yes.

It's about preference and playstyle, but I think Spirit Walk can be very valuable as a second chance to reposition.

@Minotaur - That actually looks better than your last rotation. Would guarantee you drop aggro! Good job man!
In reading it, my understanding of spirit walk in its basic form is this:

You leave your body behind, and can move freely (the tool tip says 'unhindered' possibly breaks any CC, even bypassing mob collisions as well?) for 2 seconds. If your physical body sustains 50% of your total hp in damage, the spirit walk ends prematurely.

Now I think (and hope) that when the spirit walk ends, prematurely or not, your physical body appears where your walk ended, and your not ported back to the starting position, which I doubt is the case as it would defeat the purpose of the skill.

Although the mechanics behind the skill and its rune properties seem a bit nuanced and using it effectively will take some finesse, I think this could be an immensely diverse and powerful skill in the WD arsenal:

A great displacement/escape tool, paired with anything from various forms of damage output to health and mana regen. To top it all off it has a favorably low CD on it.
If it works how I think it will, it will be one of the best skills and possibly a must have.

I need to know (1) if your physical form takes permanent damage while you are spirit walking and (2) i assume that melee range skills like mass confusion or soul harvest use your spirit form as the spell center.

If it works like I think it will, it will be an excellent escape skill, but I also think it will be useful for safely getting into the middle of mobs to start a combination of caster centered spells.
(1) if your physical form takes permanent damage while you are spirit walking

If it does, that would make it inconsistent with other escape abilities, including the DH Smoke Grenade or whatever it is called, which functions very similar to this.
One key attribute that I believe I've read is that entering into a spirit walk sheds mezzes; thus, if you're WD is feared, you can enter a spirit walk and your WD will then no longer be feared.

That's a nice way option to have, especially for anybody who likes to play hardcore.

There is still the issue of whether you can just be feared again, immediately after leaving spirit walk. But, at least you have an option available to get yourself out of a bad situation, if necessary.
There is a moment in the WD video that shows him using it.
He casts it at 2 minutes 9 seconds.
@Delphin: Using other abilities during the small window that your in spirit form hadn't occurred to me before.

Something tells me it wont be possible, or if it is then my guess is it will bring you back into physical form-- a very interesting observation regardless.

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